Has CEAT found the most effective way to curb over-speeding with “Drive Safe Dad !” ?

Published On 30-Jul-2019By TyreDekho Team


With its commitment to road safety and active participation in realizing the same, CEAT has come up with a very innovative and, perhaps,a highly effective way to curb over- speeding - Message from your kid every time you go over the top with the speed.

CEAT, one of India's most prominent tyre makers, has been actively working towards making driving on the roads safer. Apart from creating tyres that offer effective road grip and good braking efficiency, the company has been vigorously coming up with ideas to improve road safety. And the latest in that array is their “Drive Safe Dad” initiative.

A recent video released by the company, which is going viral, shows a very innovative and interesting way to curb over-speeding.

CEAT would install a bobblehead , that looks exactly like your kid, on the dash of your car. This device would contain a sound chip synchronized with your car's speedometer and would send out a warning signal every time you go over the speed limit. But the efficacy of this device lies in the way you receive this warning- in the voice of your kid.

So, every time your speedometer goes off the limit, you will hear a personalized, concerned message by your kid asking you to lower the speed and drive safely.

Wouldn't the thought of your kid encourage you to drive carefully? A simple idea, yet so effective.

India ranks high on the list of countries with most number of road accidents. Three people die every ten minutes in road accidents in India. Over-speeding has been found to be the leading reason for 41 per cent of such deaths, while careless or dangerous driving claimed 32 per cent of such deaths.  

With its "Drive Safe Dad ! " initiative, CEAT wants 'Dads' to drive more responsibly and safely.

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