How Long Can A Car Tyre Last?

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Changing the car tyre at the right time improves the whole driving experience and also keeps you safe on road

When To Change Your Car’s Tyre

There are many factors that can be considered on which the durability of the tyre depends. It is advisable that you change the tyres of your car after every five years or 40,000 km (whichever comes first) regardless of the amount of tread life left. The factors can be classified into four groups – driving habits, climatic conditions, improper usage and physical factors.

Driving habits: Driving your vehicle sensibly will not only save your life and fuel but also enhance the durability of the tyres. There a lot of stress created on the tyres when you tend to brake hard or press the gas pedal suddenly. Moreover, if you are trying to drive your vehicle on aggressive corners then get ready to buy a new set of tyres very soon as it will surely damage the sidewalls of the tyres. You might not find this factor very important, but a slight aggressiveness on your driving skills can put a significant impact on the durability of your car’s tyre. So, next time you hit the roads, make sure to drive the vehicle sensibly in order to enhance the life span of the tyres. 

Climatic conditions: Climatic condition of place plays a significant role when it comes to effecting the condition of your tyre. For instance, if you live in a place where the climate is scorching, then the direct sunlight can harden the compound of your tyres, which in return will decrease the performance and life span of the tyres. Moreover, if your location receives heavy rainfall and snowfall, then that can also cause a negative impact on the durability of the tyre. Whenever you tend to drive on a low friction surface for a more extended period of time, the treads tend to wear at a faster rate. Moreover, if you are on a long trip then consider taking short breaks, which will provide enough time to the tyre to cool down otherwise, the tyre will get heated up that can lead to tyre burst as well. 

When To Change Your Car’s Tyre

Improper combination: Most of the people nowadays do not have the tyres of the same brand or specification, and that leads to a negative impact on the durability of the tyre. In order to get the best tyre life then make sure to mix the tyres in the right manner. The points that you should keep in mind is speed capability, load index and tread pattern. In addition to that, you should also keep the size of the rim and wheel same to get the best results. 

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Physical factors: As we all know that tyre is made out of rubber and other materials and rubber tend to lose durability just after a few years. Majority of the people tend to keep their car in their garage to enhance the tyre life but even if you do not drive your vehicle for years then also the tyres tend to lose its durability with time. Moreover, you should be careful while driving through rough roads as it can cause damage to the sidewalls and outer layer of the tyre, which will reduce the durability of your car’s tyre. 

Conclusion: If you take care of the above-mentioned factors, then you can enhance the durability of the tyres. Make sure you have adequate tyre pressure before hitting the roads and also avoid driving on rough patches of the roads. Other factors that can increase the life of the tyre are timely wheel alignment, periodic tyre rotation and appropriate wheel balancing.

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