Is It Safe To Drive On Bald Tyres?

Published On 07-May-2020By TyreDekho Team

Driving on tread-less tyres are among the major causes of accidents worldwide

Is It Safe to Drive on Bald Tyres?

Tyres are your only contact with the road and vehicle. If you drive with bald tyres, you are compromising the basic functions of the rubber which affects the overall behaviour of the vehicle. Malfunctioning of tyres can pose a serious threat to you, your passengers and other drivers on the road.

Bald tyres with low or no tread life left lose their gripping capability which leads to poor braking. If you continue using the bald tyres on your drive, here are the possible issues you could face.

Traction goes for a toss

The tread and grooves present on tyres are for a purpose. Bald tyres lack them and thus, the traction of such tyres declines to drastic levels. This holds true for dry surfaces as well. Due to the decreased width of the tyre, it becomes more prone to punctures. At high speeds, the chances of tyre blowouts also increase.

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New tyres have specific tread patterns to ensure the water is properly channelled out without reaching the contact surface of the vehicle. The combination of treads and grooves creates a nexus which restores traction of the tyre even on wet surfaces. On the other hand, when bald tyres come in contact with wet surfaces, there is no channelling of water due to the absence of enough tread in the tyre. Such tyres are gripped by hydroplaning causing the vehicle to skid along with increasing the braking distance to almost double.

Heat building inside

The tyre tread pattern has multiple purposes. Avoiding heat building inside the tyre is one of them. The smart grooves help the air to channel beneath the contact patch and cool the tyre as the temperature inside rises with speed. The decreasing tyre tread reduces airflow which becomes inefficient in cooling tyres. This ultimately leads to uncontrolled heat build-up inside which could result in tyre blowouts.

Faster drop in tyre pressure

It is a known fact that tyre pressure in bald tyres drops significantly compared to the tyres with adequate tread. The underinflated tyres could impact your drivability and dip your fuel efficiency as well.

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