Jaguar Land Rover’s MagnaRide to reduce punctures and tyre damage

Published On 2015-06-23 21:53:32By Shivank Bhatt 1547 views

Jaguar Land Rover developing a pothole alert system-MagnaRide

Jaguar Land Rover is developing a pothole alert system, called MagnaRide

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is working on a new technology that could help reduce the cost of punctured tyres, damaged wheels and suspension components in a vehicle. The new tech is known as MagnaRide and is part of the company’s connected car technology programme. JLR says it can save owners ‘huge amount of money’.

The MagnaRide is an intriguing bit of car tech that employs a vehicle-to-vehicle connection. This means oncoming cars will automatically warn your own vehicle about poor road surfaces like potholes, broken patches, manhole covers etc., on the road ahead. Based on the information received, the vehicle will either inform the driver about the road undulations ahead or it will itself adjust the car’s suspension settings so as to reduce the impact. The vehicle’s systems will allow extra pliancy just to absorb the shock without letting the wheel and tyre bear the brunt of it.

At present, an early version of the research work is being tested on a Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport, wherein sensors and cameras read the road ahead and proactively prepare the car’s suspension for the task!

Mercedes-Benz already employs a similar kind of trick system in the new S-Class, called Road Surface Scan (not available in the Indian version of the car though). This system comprises a stereo camera system which senses the road ahead (up to 15 meters) and alters the suspension settings for a comfortable and pliant ride. However, the MagnaRide system is expected to be a more advanced warning and driving aid, thanks to JLR’s car-to-car communication.

It is also believed that this new system could even guide a vehicle dodge potholes and broken drains automatically. What’s more, it will do that without leaving the lane or causing any distress or danger to other drivers.. Another benefit of the system is that the data collected by vehicles can be used to assist transport authorities to carry out road repairs.

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