Let monsoon only bring comfort, not troubles for your car

Published On 24-Jul-2019By TyreDekho Team


The monsoon has crossed the Indian shores quite a few weeks ago and now it has engulfed almost all the regions of the nation. It offered relief to the cadging Indians, who were desperate for rains so in order to deal with the unbearable heat of the summer. However, monsoon doesn’t always bring comfort but also a few irksome elements. Among the list of worries, wet roads are one such fret that irritates car owners the most. A wet or waterlogged road not only hit hard on the engine but also decreases the tyre’s grip and results in degraded riding experience. The effect can even be disastrous if the tyres are worn out. Hence, it is always wise to ensure safe drives during monsoons. And in order to have that, you need to follow a few tips.

Replace bad tyres before the advent of monsoons

Car owners have a tendency to invite troubles for no reason even if that could have been avoided easily. One such trouble is continuously using tyres for an indefinite time period. Everything has a life and so does tyres. Worn out tyres are highly prone to skidding on wet roads. In worst cases, that can even result in dreadful accidents. Hence, it is highly recommended to check the conditions of your tyres before coasting on a rainy day. The best way to do that is to check the availability of treads on it. Modern tyres have tyre wear indicators, however, if you don’t have such units, there is always an option to check the same physically.

Keep optimum tyre pressure

People generally think that going for extreme would solve the tyre grip issues. However, the case is quite the opposite. Car owners generally keep low tyre pressure as there is a common myth that flat tyres boost tyre’s performance on wet roads. Far from offering even a bit of that, flat tyres produce more heat owing to greater friction. Apart from the high probability of getting punctures, it also shifts more load on the sidewall. On the other hand, high tyre pressure reduces the contact area and subsequently lead to loss of grip. Therefore, keeping optimum tyre pressure is always adviseable in monsoons.

Attentive driving

Tyres can help you to skip hiccups of bumps and other minor irregularities of roads but not obstacles like potholes and open drains. The best way of not falling prey to them is by driving carefully at a lower speed. Also, maintain a certain speed level so that you can pass a pothole easily if encountered. Never attempt crossing a pothole filled with water, as you may not know how deep it could be.

Apart from the aforementioned tips and suggestions, it is equally important to keep a spare tyre in your car along with tools to do the replacement when needed. Keep checking tyres regularly and replace them if needed. Also, avoid taking your car on a waterlogged road, which likely invites water ingression in the engine and results in complete breakdown.

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