Best Tyres For Maruti Alto 800- Tyre Price List,Tyre Review

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Maruti Alto 800

Maruti Alto 800 is unquestionably India’s best-selling entry-level car and a household name in the country. The value proposition of this small city car lies in its sober looks, refined interiors, ultra-efficient engines and of course a price tag that truly demand attention. The car is currently offered in petrol and CNG variants such as STD, LXi, VXi and LXi S-CNG. The small family car is meant for regular city commute which means it need to be fitted with the best set of tyres for tackling the road furies daily.

So, if you are looking after a good pair of tyres, you can choose from one of these:

Tyre Name Approximate Price Warranty
Bridgestone B290 Rs.  3100 5 Years
Apollo Amazer XL Rs. 2825 5 Years
MRF ZTX Rs. 2420 6 Years
Falken Sincera SN835 Rs. 2350 5 Years
JK Ultima NXT Rs. 2233 5 Years

Bridgestone B290

Bridgestone B290 is extensively used for city and highways. It incorporates large centre blocks coupled with 3D grooves that ensures maximum dry and wet traction. Unique tread compound provides longevity to the tyres, while wide contact patch offers superior stability and grip. The tyre guarantees comfort and peace of mind by preventing road noise from getting into the cabin, thanks to the varied 5-pitch design that does its job competently.

Alto 800 tyre

Apollo Amazer XL

The tyre is a suitable option for small hatchbacks and entry level sedans. The innovative tread compound offers ideal grip and longer tread life plus excellent dry grip. The special circumferential grooves aids in superior grip especially on wet surfaces. The high structural durability comes from the strong belts and stabilized treads which gives the Amazer XL long lasting durability. Further, the tread compound is highly wear resistant that boils down to superior performance and high fuel economy.

Alto 800 tyre


Meant for daily city commute, this is a reliable passenger tyre known for its firm grip and responsive steering. The tread design comes with computerized pitch sequence and high sipe density which helps optimize traction and return smooth and comfortable ride quality. Due its exclusive tread pattern, the MRF ZTX provides superior grip on dry pavements and remains surefooted in wet conditions. Moreover, the reinforced construction help maintain longer life.

Alto 800 tyre

Falken Sincera SN835

The major focus of Falken Sincera SN835 is on durability and economy which is derived from innovative tread pattern and straight channels. Inclined towards everyday use it provides better directional stability at high speeds. Moreover, with the presence of silica, it swiftly disperses water from beneath preventing hydroplaning risk. Falken’s ‘special eyes’ USP timely indicates the need for tyre rotation or change.

Alto 800 tyre

JK Ultima NXT

Equipped with new-age compound to ensure high fuel economy and durability, Ultima series tyre promises wet and dry grip. Ultima NXT tyre incorporates circumferential grooves and sipes which helps in better water evacuation and provides resistance against aquaplaning. The presence of wide central rib and stabilizer groove technology endows maximum high speed stability and precise handling.

Alto 800 tyre

If you are planning for a tyre change, the budget-friendly tyres mentioned above can be a reliable choice to make. Find tyre dealers near you

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