Michelin, Continental, SMAG JV-To Improve Sustainability In Natural Rubber Industry

Published On 19-Sep-2019By Anand Priyadarshi

To develop an app- Rubberway that maps sustainability practices in the supply chain of natural rubber 

Michelin, Continental, SMAG JV

Tyre maker Michelin and Continental along with French farming technology firm SMAG, have announced a joint venture to develop a technological solution for mapping sustainable practice in the supply chain of natural rubber.

The app named Rubberway is designed in compliance with the objective of the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber. This technology maps and assesses practice and risks regarding environmental issues, social affairs, and corporate Social Responsibility governance throughout the natural-rubber industry.

Rubberway will provide its users with collected data and enable them to identify and improve sustainability in the natural rubber chain which includes around six million farmers, 100,000 intermediaries, and over 500 processing plants.

The app has been designed and developed by SMAG and is already in use in some major production countries like – Thailand, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, and Brazil.

In this joint venture, Michelin is bringing the rights of use and exploitation, as well as its user experience of it on the ground.

Continental demonstrates its interest in this solution through its investment in the joint venture and, in doing so, is opening up the path to wider use of the application by other tire-makers and car-parts manufacturers, therefore helping accelerate the rise of responsible practices in the natural-rubber industry.

Smag will be sharing all its technological and sector-specific expertise in digital solutions for agriculture.

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