Michelin Energy XM2+ Tyre Review

Published On 29-Jan-2020By TyreDekho Team

The new improved XM tyre now gets more robust and high strength sidewall structure for better comfort and resistance

Michelin XM2+ Review


Across the globe, Energy XM range of passenger car tyres from Michelin are known for their comprehensive reliability, mileage and longevity. In India too, its second iteration – Energy XM2 – has garnered immense traction among the masses. Riding high on the success of the Energy XM2, the French tyre maker has introduced the Michelin Energy XM2+. Intended towards hatchbacks, sedans, compact SUVs and MUVs, the improved version of its predecessor claims 29% more life than its segment rivals. Owing to its longevity it’s dubbed as ‘The forever new tyre’ by Michelin. What’s more, it also promises consistent performance throughout life even with minimal tread. So considering all the attributes and claims associated we put the tyre to test on different parameters and get a sneak-peek into its initial impressions.

The new improved XM tyre now gets more robust and high strength sidewall structure for better comfort and resistance against roadside undulations. The Energy XM2+ tyre also moves up the ladder in terms of fuel savings and wet/dry grip levels, thanks to the infusion of full silica rubber compound with low rolling resistance nature.

Michelin Energy XM2+ Tyre Review

Driving Test

To begin with, the tyres were first tested on the track to get a feeling as to how the tyres will perform under day-to-day driving conditions. During the drive, the tyres performed aptly with required control on the curves and sharp turns. The tyre was able to serve the corners well with no signs of screeching at the time of hard braking. Moreover, the tyres also carried out the drive at a tight slalom course without any hiccups, while comfort factor could not be gauged as the test track asphalt was nice and smooth.

Michelin Energy XM2+ Tyre Review

Braking Test

The driving test was followed by the wet braking test. To achieve a precise and evident outcome, the Energy XM2+ was competed against similar spec Bridgestone B290, both tyres worn down to their replacement markers. The controlled wet braking test comprised of two similar hatchbacks installed with worn tyres and was to be stopped from 100kmph on a wet surface. To get maximum feel and impact of the halt, this extreme braking was more of a sudden/emergency stoppage under the wet situation.

XM2+ Tyre

The braking test saw Energy XM2+ come out as a winner with respect to wet braking distance. The test consisted of two-three rounds with each car at a speed of 100kmph and braking at the same spot each time. During each round the stopping distance was not the same, it was between 2 meters to 2-3 feet. In all the rounds, Michelin's outclassed its competitor. The major difference, in terms of braking, was the behaviour of the ABS functioning on the two cars.

First, let’s take the B290, as soon as the brakes were applied strong traction was felt, after which gradually tyres started losing grip with ABS going wayward and sounds of creaking and groaning can be felt as they apply efforts to regain the control and bring the car to a halt. With XM2+, the initial grip wasn’t that strong against the B290, however, speed dropped consistently, which gave time to the ABS to adjust and take things in control. This resulted in a better, more stable and controlled stoppage along with shorter distance than B290. And this happened due to the unique tread of Energy XM2+, which carries deep sipes, not only in the centre part but also on its edges.

Bridgestone B290


Therefore, if you are looking for a safer, dependable tyre choice for your car that could also last longer (as long as 1.25 lakh kilometres according to Michelin) then Michelin Energy XM2+ can easily be on your list. Offered in rim sizes from 12-inch to 16-inch, the longevity focused tyre is available in 30 variations. The price for premium Michelin tyres start at about Rs 5,090 and are available across all the authorised Michelin dealers in India.

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