Michelin Launches New Winter Truck Tires

Published On 05-Jul-2021By Anand Priyadarshi

Michelin says, the new truck tires combines grip, safety in extreme winter conditions and on wet roads with increased mileage, and contributes to more sustainable transport.

Michelin has launched new truck tires that is built to perform in extreme winter conditions. According to the tyremaker, the Michelin X Multi Grip tires marked with 3PMSF  symbol (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol engraved on a tire's sidewall indicates that the tire meets required performance criteria in snow testing to be considered severe snow service-rated) deliver even better performance than their predecessor Michelin XFN2 and Michelin XDW Icegrip. 

These tires are designed to ensure maximum safety and mobility in extreme winter conditions thanks to their outstanding grip on snow- and slushcovered roads as well as on wet roads, said the tyremaker in a release.

The company says, innovative tread patterns with selfregenerating sipes based on MICHELIN Regenion technology provide excellent grip even when the tires are worn. With 5 mm of remaining tread depth, traction on snow is more than 50% improved and braking performance on snow is improved by 20%.

With 2 mm of remaining tread depth, lateral grip is 20% better. On ice or snow – whether freshly fallen, tightly packed or melting – and on wet roads, MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP tires demonstrate good road handling throughout the winter. The tires continue to deliver a very high level of performance the rest of the year, especially on wet roads, it further added.

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Increased Mileage

With its increased mileage, the sustained grip throughout its service life and the tread’s endurance, the MICHELIN X MULT GRIP tire is a highly efficient solution. Mileage is improved by more than 10% for the steer tires and by more than 30% for the drive tires, said Michelin Tyres.  

Regrooving and retreading also increase the longevity of this range of tires and help further reduce the cost per kilometer traveled. Reduced rolling resistance for greater fuel savings Rolling resistance is reduced by up to 10%, it added.

Accoring to Michelin, for a tractor-trailer equipped with 385/65R22.5 MICHELIN X MULT GRIP Z and 315/80R22.5 MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP tires, the new tires can cut fuel consumption by 0.6 liters/100km, representing fuel savings of €574 a year and a reduction of 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year on average over the initial life of the tires.

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Dimensions available from July 1, 2021

Steering axle: MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP Z 385/65R22.5 and MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP Z 385/55R22.5

Drive axle: MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP D 315/80R22.5 and MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP D 315/70R22.5

Dimensions available from July 1, 2022: Steering axle: MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP Z 315/80R22.5, MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP Z 315/70R22.5 and MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP Z 295/80R22.5

Drive axle: MICHELIN X MULTI GRIP D 295/80R22.5

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