Michelin To Go Carbon-Less At All Plants By 2050

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 The tyremaker is looking forward to replace coal with renewable energy resources

Michelin To Go Carbon-Less At All Plants By 2050

In a big announcement, the French Michelin tyre maker has declared that by 2050 it aims to reduce the total carbon emission count to zero from all its plants worldwide. It further said that this move is in line with the Paris Agreement signed at COP21 in 2015 wherein it was decided to bring down global warming by 2 degrees Celsius. The automotive sector alone contributes to 23 per cent of carbon dioxide emission across the globe.

Furthermore, Michelin looks to curb tyre-related energy consumption at every kilometre by 20 per cent by the end of 2030.

In order to achieve its all-green goal of 2050, the premium tyremaker has come up with a unique two-pillar strategy – consume less and implement an energy transition. In the past, this strategy has resulted encouraging results, especially in Europe where 85 per cent of its plants run on electricity generated from renewable resources. In 2010-2018, Michelin was able to cut carbon footprints by a whopping 22 per cent across all its plants in Europe.

“We are taking action so that our plants consume less and better by increasing our use of green energy. The goal is for all our plants around the world to run on 100 per cent green power by 2030. We stick to our roadmap,” said Nicolas Beaumont, VP Sustainable Development and Mobility, Michelin Group.

The renowned tyremaker is looking forward to replace coal with renewable energy resources. Out of the 70 plants of the Group, 65 of those employ renewable energy resource to power their operations. It looks to make the remaining 5 factories coal-free too.

In India, Michelin has a single tyre manufacturing plant at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Established in 2014, the plant was built with an investment of Rs 3500 crore and has a production capacity to roll out 30,000 tonnes per year.

Source: Economic Times

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