Tips for proper Mounting and Balancing of tyre

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Whenever you install a new set of tyres on your vehicle, the first thing that needs to be done is mounting and balancing of the wheels. You need to get in contact with a professional mechanic to get this done with the required equipments. First of all, let’s know that what exactly mounting is.

As the name suggests, mounting is the process of placing the tyres on the wheels, and then putting the wheels on the vehicle. On the other hand, balancing is somewhat more complicated a process. We say that a wheel is properly balanced when the center of the gravity is identical to the axis of rotation. We can also explain it in another way that a wheel is said to be balanced when the total weight of the wheel and the tire is uniformly dispersed around the axle, so there will be no shock or vibrations at the time of spinning of the tyre. An unbalanced tyre can do a lot of harm to  your vehicle and in turn to you.

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Before mounting and balancing the wheel properly, one should keep in mind a few things as precautions to be taken:

  1. The process of mounting and balancing should be carried out by an expert mechanic only with the use of proper tools and equipments designed for this purpose.
  2. Always keep in mind that both the tyre beads should be effectively mounted.
  3. Check that the wheel is not bent or damaged by any means.
  4. There should not be any kind of dirt particles in between the hub and the wheel.
  5. The lugs should be effectively torqued.
  6. The wheel should be securely installed on the hub, etc.


A balanced tyre can provide you with a very good driving experience while an unbalanced tyre can do a lot of harm to your vehicle and give you an unpleasant ride. When all the tyres are properly mounted and balanced, it improves the stability of the vehicle on road and gives you a nice grip on your car. It also enhances the acceleration, braking and handling quality of the car. On the other hand, if any of the wheels of a car is not properly balanced, the ride could be uneven and harrowing. It may cause unpleasant vibrations and allow for the bumps to filter through the suspension and reduce the handling quality along with the stability of your vehicle. It can also reduce the life of your tyres and  worn them off relatively quickly. Furthermore, it may also cause damage to other suspension parts of your tyres and car. Most importantly, an unstable vehicle can lead you to accidental situations that may harm both you and your vehicle.

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Watch this video to know more about Tyre Mounting and Balancing:


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