Original Equipment Vs Replacement Tyre

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Is fiddling with the original tyre in your vehicle a risk?

Original Equipment Vs Replacement Tyre

With an increase in the number of auto enthusiasts, the owners replacing the factory-fitted tyres of their vehicle with new ones has become pretty common these days. The OE (Original Equipment) or stock tyres are those which are provided by the vehicle manufacturer. Whereas replacement tyres are nothing but the tyre you use in place of the OE tyres. The replacement could be either due to the end of life of the OE tyre or any other reason. Let’s delve into more details about them.

Original Equipment Tyres

Far from the general belief that OE tyres are average tyres, they can be high-performance handling and acceleration focussed tyres too. Depending on the vehicle type, the OE tyres may vary in their functions. Also, some automakers boasting about handling and fuel efficiency of their vehicles would opt for a tyre that assists their claim.

Why stick to OE tyres?

The OE tyres are chosen for a purpose as the vehicle gives optimum performance with a tyre having a particular size and tread pattern. To give the vehicle owner the perfect performance, the suspension should complement the tyre installed. OE tyres are rigorously tested for the same.

Original Equipment Vs Replacement Tyre

Replacement Tyres

If the OE tyres wear out or you the tyres are not as per your taste, going for the replacement tyre is the option. The replaced tyres can be chosen as per your preference; if you prefer comfort over mileage, you can go for a similar replacement tyre. However, it should be tried to switch to a similarly specced tyres as going for tyre upsize could drop the performance of the vehicle drastically if not done correctly. Moreover, while replacing tyres, we recommend changing all four tyres as that would again impact the performance of the vehicle and may result in faster wearing of tyres.

Why go for replacement tyres?

If you love the ride quality where the tyre sticks to the surface and gives you planted ride or you want to go for a tyre with better-wet traction, you should go for replacement tyres if your OE tyre lacks these traits. Also, for reducing tyre noise, decreased rolling resistance, etc. replacement tyres a good option.

To sum up, if you are content with the performance of your stock tyres, we suggest continuing with the same even at the time of their replacement. However, if you like certain enhancements which are lacking in your OE tyre then replacement tyres are a good option.

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