Pirelli adds 2 new tyres to Scooter range, launches them at EICMA

Published On 10-Nov-2016By TyreDekho Team

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Pirelli has added 2 new products to its range of scooter tyres which will be made available to the markets from year 2017. Pirelli Angel Scooter and Pirelli Diablo Rosso Scooter tyres have been launched by the company at the EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show, 2016 and would be available in the coming year in a wide range of sizes.

The tread pattern on Angel Scooter bears similarity to the popular Angel GT tyre, establishing a direct relevance with the “Angel” DNA. The Diablo Rosso Scooter is inspired by the Diablo lineup and also shares tread pattern with the iconoc Pirelli Diablo Rosso III.

Just as Diablo Rosso III redefined the concept of sport riding in the motorcycle world, taking it to a new level, Diablo Rosso Scooter represents the new frontier for high performance scooters thanks to grip, unprecedented handling and consistent performance, characteristics to make the daily ride more pleasant and satisfying, regardless of the environment,” writes Pirelli.

Angel Scooter has been designed keeping in mind the needs of urban users who often travel with a pillion rider. Thus, there has been a strong focus on enhancing the tyre life, comfort, safety and handling, over dry as well as wet surfaces.

Pirelli claims to have improved the ride quality by making use of 'Shock Absorption Holes' in Angel Scooter tyre's tread. This leads to an additional benefit of wider contact patch, thereby further improving the handling. The company has actively made use of silica in the compound in order to enhance the wet performance and tyre life.

While Angel Scooter is mostly for daily commutation, yet, sticking true to its DNA, offers good performance at high speeds along with superior cornering capabilities.

Diable Rosso Scooter has been designed for high performance scooters which are not only used for daily commutation but also for aggressive riding. It offers excellent traction, superb handling and consistent performance, as stated by Pirelli.

The tyre makes use of Pirelli's extensive track and road experience and offers great agility in directional changes, high straight line stability along with enhanced handling. It is an all-season tyre and performs well over dry as well as wet surfaces. Equipped with High-Silica tread, this tyre offers great traction and high tyre life.

Pirelli has definitely raised the bar by a few notches when it comes to creating performance tyres for Scooters, a domain not much explored by other brands. It will be exciting to see how the rivals respond to this move of Pirelli's.

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