2015 F1 tyre compound is not where it needs to be, admits Pirelli

Published On 04-Jun-2016By TyreDekho Team

Pirelli tyres

Paul Hembery, Motorsport Director of Pirelli, has admitted that Pirelli is not where they need to be with their 2015 tyre compound. The company is now aiming to develop tyres for three-stop strategy for the 2015 races.

Many Formula 1 teams this season were able to finish races with just one tyre change. This shows how durable this year's compounds are compared to the 2013 season. To make the 2015 season more exciting, there is a demand to develop tyres that are not long-lasting and race completion requires 2-3 pit stops.

Paul Hembery said, “We are not where we need to be this year and it is true that the requirement is for two or three (pit-stops per race).”

He added, "So, we are not quite hitting the mark, but then we have no testing ability. We have zero testing ability so it is okay to sometimes ask us to do things, but we also need the ability to do our job. We are looking to make changes next year to get back to two or three stops, but we also need to have an agreement in place to allow us to do the testing to give us better information so we can ensure that happens.”

Before British Gran Prix, Romain Grosjean said that he wanted Pirelli to return to high-degradation tyres of 2012 when pushing the rubber too hard would mean drivers hit the 'cliff'.

He further added, “I preferred when we had to think about it and when we could change the way it was degrading. It meant at the start of the race if you took it a bit easier then you had an advantage over other people and you could try to go for an overtaking manoeuvre. I liked it. If you ask Felipe, I think he will say the opposite. I believe it creates overtaking chances.”

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