Pirelli to equip Range Rover Sport with noise-cancelling P Zero tyres

Published On 2015-06-09 20:02:15By Shivank Bhatt 1826 views

Range Rover Sport to come fitted with Pireli Noise Cancelling tyres

Range Rover Sport to come fitted with Pireli Noise Cancelling tyres

Pirelli has devised a new tyre technology that comes with a unique ‘noise cancelling’ system. Termed as Pirelli Noise Cancelling Sytesm (PNCS), the latest tech is claimed to ‘sponge up’ road noise in vehicles. The PNCS-equipped tyre has been homologated for road use and will first come as an OE fitment on the new Land Rover Range Rover Sport. According to Pirelli, the Range Rover Sport is the first SUV to be fully homologated with the PNCS system.

So how does the PNCS work? The system is said to reduce tyre noise produced by each tyre as it runs along the road. The noise, which is primarily caused by the vibration produced by air that is compressed when the tyre presses against the road, is usually transmitted to the wheel hub before filtering in to the vehicle’s cabin via the steering and suspension. To reduce these noises, Pirelli’s latest system incorporates a polyurethane sponge on the inside of the tyre. This absorbs vibrations and therefore, reduces the amount of noise entering into the cabin. If Pirelli is to be believed, a PNCS-equipped tyre reduces noise by 2-3 decibels without affecting the tyre’s other characteristics.

In the Range Rover Sport models, Pirelli will supply 275/40R22 108Y XL P version of the Pirelli P Zero with the PNCS as OE fitment. All the tyres featuring the latest tech will have the letters ‘PNCS’ engraved on the sidewall to denote its use. Additionally, these tyres will have an exclusive Land Rover ‘LR’ marking so as to make it easier for dealers and consumers to know the tyre is a bespoke version for Land Rover.

Commenting on the development, Dominic Sandivasci, Pirelli UK Managing Director, said, “We have a good relationship with Land Rover and it is great to be homologated on one of their prestigious vehicles. Our Original Equipment and R&D teams work very hard to develop products that meet all manufacturer’s needs and we are delighted that Land Rover has decided to use the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System on the Range Rover Sport.”

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