Pirelli Plans to Test Ultrasoft Tyre for 2016 F1 Season

Published On 06-Jun-2016By TyreDekho Team

Pirelli F1 tyres

Being the official tyre supplier for 2016 Formula 1 season, Pirelli is planning to conduct a test run for its Ultrasoft tyre compound during Friday's practice in Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Next season onwards, FIA is expected to grant permission to Pirelli for having extra compounds in its range. Ultrasoft tyres will offer the teams more flexibility with their race strategy, making the F1 weekend more interesting. As per the current rules, teams can run experimental tyres in Friday's practice sessions.

Earlier, we have been hearing about: Pirelli striving for extra Formula-1 testing days.

Paul Hembery, Motorsport Director, Pirelli said: “Hungary is probably too early, It will probably be in Singapore and Abu Dhabi as the Friday experimental tire. But these things change all the time, there's been another proposal and we may be running something a little bit more bespoke.”

Lotus engineer Mark Slade said that as far as Pirelli's approach to F1 goes, things have changed since Kimi Raikkonen was winning races for the Enstone team with Ultra-soft tyres in 2012 and 2013.

He said: "Even if they still call them 'super-soft', they really are just soft compounds. The names have changed, but the tyres are harder now.”

Hembery insisted against it and said: “That's not true. We've got five or six potential solutions.”

Pirelli is discussing with F1 teams to go ahead with tyre testing in Abu Dhabi after the final race on Sunday. But, the teams also have limitations on their running time due to many factors like cost involved and limited engine life.

Pirelli understands this and says: “you don't want them to be risking anything during a competitive part of the season. Abu Dhabi could be a solution, running afterwards. It's the most suitable time probably, because nobody is fighting for the championship. We'll do what's needed to do the job.”

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