Pirelli Striving for Extra Formula-1 Testing Days

Published On 2015-06-30 18:35:04By Siddharth Sharma 695 views

Pirelli F1 tyres

From the past few races, we have been seeing a one-stop strategy adopted by almost all Formula 1 teams. Therefore, for the 2016 season, F1 regulators want Pirelli to develop tyre compounds that will wear out faster and would require more pit stops. This, according to them, will spice up the sport.

Since the in-season test days have been restricted to just four days this season for cost cutting reasons, it is proving to be quite a challenge for the Italian tyre marque to develop tyres without any testing days. Pirelli won’t be able to test any new formulation until the beginning of 2016 season. Demand for a new compound without granting testing day will not only be unreasonable, but will also compromise the safety of Formula 1.

Consequently, if the sport demands new tyre compound, then it most definitely requires more testing days.

Paul Hembery, Motorsport director, Pirelli said: “We were having new requests all the time, even now, to maybe be a little bit more aggressive next year, The teams are saying we want tyres that are more aggressive, more grip, and that’s a bit of a late request. That means we’re going to have to ask for more testing at some stage because this sort of thing’s a fine balance.”

He added: “You get it slightly wrong and you’re on the one-stop races that you’ve seen in the last three races and people are complaining actually and saying we need the balance to go back a bit to where we were maybe a couple of years ago.”

The current tyres were modified slightly for the Hungarian Grand Prix and Pirelli also did some testing for developing the 2016 tyres after the Austrian Grand Prix with Mercedes, Toro Rosso and Ferrari race teams coming up as volunteers.

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