Pirelli asks F1 Teams for feedback to improve tyres

Published On 04-Jun-2016By TyreDekho Team

Pirelli asks F1 Teams for feedback

2015 Formula 1 season has been tough on its official tyre supplier Pirelli. Formula 1 drivers can be often seen blaming the tyres for not delivering up-to-the-mark performance and the numerous tyre blowouts recently have only increased the pressure on Pirelli's motorsport director, Paul Hembery.

Pirelli's F1 contract will be expiring at the end of the season. This made it even more stressful for the company to do something about the negative atmosphere that has built up in the pits regarding tyre performance.

Paul Hembery took the initiative to call the F1 teams and unite to engage in a constructive discussion to improve the Formula 1 Tyres. Hembery said, "Some people need to look at the big picture a lot more. We need drivers, teams and ourselves to agree on what is required so we can get on with work."

One of the major proposals is to introduce wider tyres for the 2017 F1 season to make the cars quicker, lighter and more aggressive. However, it is rare to get a general agreement from the F1 teams and even if they agree, there are several other aspects of the cars that will require modification.

A couple of seasons back, F1 management asked Pirelli to supply fast-degrading tyres. The idea behind this move was to make the race interesting as drivers now had to manage their tyres more strategically.

When the fast-degrading tyres were introduced, drivers started complaining that their tyres were “going off” and that they could only perform for a handful of fast laps.

Last month, Pirelli had to face criticism when Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari had a rear tyre blowout just after the Spa circuit's famous Eau Rouge corner.

Pirelli said the reason for the blowout was the internal damage done to the tyres while on track. However, the tyre maker admitted that its tyres need to resist small surface cuts due to debris on track or friction with car part, but how some drivers take advantage of the kerbs and run-off area also needs to be considered.

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