Planning A Motorcycle Road Trip? Don't Forget These Essentials

Published On 27-Dec-2021By TyreDekho Team

For those embarking on long-duration, long-distance road trips, the below checklist of essentials should come in handy.

Planning A Motorcycle Road Trip? Don't Forget These Essentials

Many of us are fond of biking and at least agree on one thing that one of the finest ways to enjoy bike riding is to go on a long road trip. The picturesque countryside and the rush of adrenaline that comes with riding on the highways are beyond explanation.

However, to fully exploit the road trip, a must needed checklist of essentials should be kept in mind before starting the ride. Here is a summary of those requirements mentioned below.

Quality and comfortable helmet

Irrespective of the road surface and the trip duration, safety should be on the top of priorities. Make sure your helmet is sturdy and of good quality, it's better to go with the branded items as they are compliant with the current safety standards.

Secondly, if your friend is accompanying you on the trip, make sure he or she gets the same helmet, as most riders are negligible in this case. Don’t forget that the safety of a pillion rider lies in your hand.   

Buy an appropriate riding gear

You are making a road trip, not a regular city commute. You might have to cover a long distance with challenging weather conditions. So, proper and safe riding gear is an absolute necessity to protect you from hot weather, rain and pollution.

Try to shop for a quality riding jacket and pants or a waterproof riding suit with a thermal layer, depending on the season you are travelling. Don’t forget to invest in knee guards, riding gloves and proper boots.

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Proper luggage

When it comes to storage or luggage, two-wheelers are not as accommodating as four-wheelers. And without proper luggage, it becomes a burden if you carry a pillion along with you on a long road trip. So, get a saddlebag and also a magnetic tank bag that could be handy for utilities such as smartphones, wallets, water bottles, first aid, etc.

You can also get small zip-top waterproof bags for keeping your items dry. A waterproof luggage cover, as well as, light raincoat, should be on your list. Besides, it’s very important to have a spacious backpack for keeping an extra pair of clothes for your journey and other essential items. But make sure the overall weight you carry is light so that you won’t have to overexert yourself.

Service well in advance and check for tools

Make sure everything in your motorcycle is in perfect working order. It is highly recommended to get the fluids changed, the fuel system cleaned, valves calibrated, tyres and electrical components checked before leaving.

Make sure you have essential spare tools such as a tyre repair kit and an extra tube in case it is a tube-type tyre. Put some soft cloths for cleaning and a pair of waste rags for cleaning oil spills. Buy a bandana to protect yourself from dust inhalation and sunburn.

Stash necessary documents and accessories

Before embarking on your long route journey, make sure you stand perfect in terms of necessary paperwork. It goes without saying that you must be carrying your driving license, vehicle RC and insurance, some cash and debit or credit card in case you need to pay using other mediums.

Information regarding service centres and hardcopy of the route map can come in handy if some problem occurs during the trip. Apart from this, a portable GPS, power bank and additional cans for storing extra petrol is an absolute must. 

Download offline maps and avoid riding at night

If you are taking a trip where you will frequently encounter terrains, hills, forests or some remote area, the network coverage will be an issue. So, it is better to download offline maps before leaving. And to remain on the safe side of the journey, especially if you are a girl, avoid travelling at night. It's better to go to a safe haven (hotel), dump your belongings and explore the nearby areas with a contact number of the hotel reception in hand.

Whether you are a pro or taking a first-ever bike road trip, the above list will certainly help you throughout your journey. Happy riding.

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