5 Reasons Why You Need To Break In Motorcycle Tyres

Published On 08-May-2020By TyreDekho Team

Stick to tyremaker’s prescription to utilise the true potential of your tyre

5 Reasons Why You Need To Break In Motorcycle Tyres

Whenever you go for a new tyre, you are likely to notice the manufacturer label on the tyre stating the range of tyre break-in period in kilometres. On the label, you are cautioned not to engage in sudden acceleration, hard cornering and maximum braking during the break-in period. Have you ever thought why the tyremakers warned you? We will get to know soon. Depending on the tyre type and manufacturer, the break-in distance varies from 80km to 160km.

To Scuff up the tread

The break-in period is essential to scuff up the tread to develop traction with the road surface. Fresh rubber is slippery and that is one of the reasons why riders tend to slip with new tyres. Bike with new tyres skid due to cold rubber and very smooth tread. Comparatively, older tyres have a texture that interlocks with the road surface and provides better grip – a trait absent in the new tyres. Tyres with softer compound break-in early whereas the ones with harder compound take reasonably longer time.

To clear layer of the manufacturing process

Any manufacturing company would ensure everything is set in the right place in the production process so that product rolling out has the desired proportions and characteristics. Same goes with the tyre manufacturing. To ensure they are able to get the right tyre shape, tyremakers consider different parameters that helps in yielding the perfect tyre shape. The rubber compounds used in the vulcanisation process are carefully channelled to the next stage, without the rubber sticking to the mould itself. And to facilitate this process, tyre manufacturers add special solvent to the tyre.

It is this coating that needs to be shed before the tyre shows its true capabilities. Since the new tyre is slippery initially, tyre break-in is advised for the safety of the user. With a motorcycle, the tyre break-in becomes all the more important as it could directly impact the safety of the rider. This holds true for all tyres right from economical to premium range. However, tyre manufacturers are gradually abandoning this process of adding lube to tyres.

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To extract the best performance

If the coating is still present on the tyre, your ride quality is certain to get hampered and you would be able to make out the difference. This is true even if you go with the same tyre model which you replaced.

Some riders try to accelerate the break-in period by rubbing the tyre against sandpaper; this is a pure myth as the tyre would take its own time to get in shape. Instead, you can take your bike to a twisty road so that the edges and centre patch of the tyre are all subjected to adequate asphalt treatment.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Break In Motorcycle Tyres

For better coordination between layers

A tyre has layers of rubber, steel and fabric. When the tyre runs during the break-in period, the rubber warms and coordination between other layers betters, which eventually leads to normal ride quality and maximum performance.

To understand your new tyre

Another reason for the necessity of tyre break-in is to make rider comfortable with the tyre. The handling and ride quality alters when you replace your tyre, so getting accustomed to the new settings is essential for your safety. The difference is evident even if you opt for the same set of tyres as the older ones had a flat profile while the latest ones have a round profile.

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