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Published On 27-Dec-2019By TyreDekho Team

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There comes a time when you actually need to replace your vehicle's tyres with new ones. Most of them do not actually plan on purchasing new radials until they have to. It is mainly because they are expensive and might not match with one's household budget. Some of them even end up buying cheap radials, which do not ensure safety and performance when compared to the premium models. So, high quality tyres should always be one's preference, which guarantees better comfort, ride quality and security as well. On the other hand, its not just the price, but one should also consider a number of things before making tyre purchase.


Things to consider:

The following are a few important points that you must remember before buying a new set of tyres. These will only help you in finding right models and make your purchase quite easier.

1) Firstly, think about the way you drive with radials. Usually, the driving style changes depending on the need or situation. Sometimes you may have to rush to reach your destination and at times, you may require carrying heavy loads. So, it is the kind of your driving that helps in defining the finest characteristics of a radial. This way, you can choose a model that will perform the best way under your driving conditions.

2) There are a number of factors that determines the life of these components. A tyre wears out differently on different kinds of roads like highways, small and twisting paths. Hence, maintaining right amount of air pressure in radials and rotation them on regular basis will certainly aid in uniform wear and make them long lasting.

3) The kind of compounds utilized for the formation of tyres determines the level of safety and performance it offers. Some radials are mainly designed with specific elements to improve the handling characteristics. But at the same time, these can have an impact on its price.

4) Another key factor to consider is the rolling resistance of a tyre. This is referred to the amount of energy required to move a vehicle along the road. Theoretically, a radials helps in reducing fuel consumption if the rolling resistance is low. This in turn, saves your money besides giving you a better mileage. There are again a few factors associated with rolling resistance. Radials are normally constructed as a balance of different characteristics like handling, grip, uniform wear and so on. Therefore, if you choose a tyre with reduced rolling resistance, make sure to know how it performs in other ways. On the other hand, maintaining right inflation pressure is important for the safety and better performance of your vehicle. This in addition, will also improve the efficiency besides increasing the life of tyres. Hence, monitoring and maintaining right air pressures is highly suggested.

5) Every radial comes with a different tread pattern and rubber mix. Rugged patterns usually are suitable for running on any surface, while the other designs give better grip and keeps a vehicle stable. So, this point should also be considered when you plan to buy new radials.

Therefore, it is quite clear that along with price, there are also various other factors that help in finding a good set of tyres. The key is to maintain a right balance between all the elements and characteristics to experience a safe as well as comfortable ride.

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