Top 10 Motorcycle Tyre Brands In India

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There are so many brands to choose from. In this article we have put together ten best motorcycle tyre brand available in India


Nowadays, owning a motorcycle is not a big deal, and one can find a plethora of two-wheelers on Indian roads. One of the most crucial parts of the motorcycle is the tyres as it is the only part of the two-wheeler which stays in contact with the road. When it comes to buying a new set of tyres, the first thing one inspects is the brand of tyre, and that’s pretty obvious. A brand plays a vital role while selecting a tyre because a reputed tyre maker always maintains the quality of the product and guarantees that the tyres they manufacture are free from defects. So, if you are sceptical regarding which brand to rely on, then mentioned below is the list of top ten motorcycle tyre brands in India.

MRF Tyres

Top 10 Motorcycle Tyre Brands in India

MRF Tyres was established in 1946 and is one of the most popular and oldest tyre makers in India. It is well-known for producing high quality and durable tyres. It not only manufactures tyres for two-wheelers but is also popular for offering great tyres for four-wheelers.

Price:Rs.850 – Rs.7025 | Top-selling Tyre: Nylogrip Zapper N4

Ceat Tyres

Top 10 Motorcycle Tyre Brands in India

Ceat Tyres is a well-reputed tyre brand in India and was founded in 1958. It is popular for producing good quality tyres for bikes, cars, buses and trucks. Covering all the six plants, it has a total production of over 100000 tyres.

Price:Rs. 850 – 4125 | Top-selling Tyre: Zoom D TL Ventless

Apollo Tyres


Apollo Tyres is one of the most well-acclaimed tyre brands in India and also is the 17th largest tyre makers in the world. It was founded in 1976 in Haryana and offers radial tyres for bikes, car, trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Price:Rs. 850 – 4125 | Top-selling Tyre: Actizip R3 


Pirelli Tyres

Top 10 Motorcycle Tyre Brands in India

Pirelli is an Italian tyre maker and the brand was established in the year 1872. Currently, it holds the fifth position in the world for the largest tyre manufacturer. It is a very well-known brand and has approx 160 production plants in almost 19 countries around the world.

Price:Rs. 5000 – 21840 | Top-selling Tyre:Angel GT Tyre  

Metzeler Tyres 

Metzeler Tyres

Metzeler was established in 1863 in Germany and is known for manufacturing class-leading tyres around the world. It is a German-based company that holds firm popularity in the Indian two-wheeler tyre market. Not only for motorcycles, but it is well-known for producing tyres for other vehicles too.

Price:Rs. 7000 – 16791 | Top-selling Tyre: Sportec M5 Interact 

JK Tyres

Top 10 Motorcycle Tyre Brands in India

JK Tyres was established in 1974 and is one of the top tyre manufacturers in India. In India, it has four production units located in Mysore, Chennai, Kankroli and Banmore. It is not only famous for offering tyres for two-wheelers but is the only brand that offers a complete range of radial tyres for all kinds of a four-wheeler.

Price:Rs. 1050 – 3700 | Top-selling Tyre: BLAZE BR31

Michelin Tyres

Top 10 Motorcycle Tyre Brands in India

Michelin Tyres is one of the most well-known tyre makers around the world and was founded in 1889 in France. It is famous for manufacturing high-quality tyre with all the modern features that one could expect. In India, it holds a good name for offering premium tyres at a reasonable price tag.

Price:Rs. 1490 – 21100 | Top-selling Tyre: Sirac Street 

TVS Tyres

Top 10 Motorcycle Tyre Brands in India

TVS Tyres was established in 1970 and currently, it is one of the leading two-wheeler tyre manufacturers in India. Annually, the brand is capable of rolling out more than 26 million tyres. Moreover, it has a turnover of around 6 billion US dollars every year. They offer tyres at a pretty affordable price point.

Price:Rs. 833 – 4398 | Top-selling Tyre: Jumbo GT 

Maxxis Tyres

Top 10 Motorcycle Tyre Brands in India

Maxxis is a Taiwan based tyre manufacturer and holds the title of ninth-largest tyre company in the world. It was established in the year 1967 and had a strong presence in the Indian tyre market. In India, it established the first manufacturing facility in Gujarat covering 106 acres of land.

Price: N/A | Top-selling Tyre: M6303

Ralco Tyres

Top 10 Motorcycle Tyre Brands in India

Ralco Tyres is one of the most popular tyre makers in India. From 1974, it began to make tyres for the Indian roads and within three decades it was popular for its excellence and performance. In 2001, Ralco launched its first state of the art plant. It manufactures high-quality tyres for motorcycles of all range.

Price: 1100 – 4890 | Top-selling Tyre: Blaster-S

Purchasing a tyre from a reputed and well-known brand is always better, rather than buying it from generic brands. Above-mentioned are the top ten tyre brands in India that you can rely on.


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