Top 8 Car Tyres For Indian Roads

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Top 8 car tyres for Indian roads

No one can deny the fact that the tyres of a car are the most crucial safety feature as they are the only component that is in contact with the surface. It is fine to check the engine, brakes and other features but the essential thing should be to look for a good set of tyres. As we would be talking about the tyres suggested for Indian roads, you should be familiar with the fact that you need a robust set of tyres to drive on Indian road, thanks to the potholes and poor conditions of the road.

 Before buying tyres for such roads, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Purchase the right size and if you are not aware of the size, then check the sidewalls of your stock tyres to get access to the size of the tyre.
  • You should always consider the age of the tyre even if it is new because a tyre is made out of a compound that tends to ruin over time. So, next time when you consider buying tyres, check its manufacturing date.
  • You should look for tyres with a robust compound as it will help you to get through the bad roads without damaging the tyres.

Now, mentioned below are some of the top tyres that are recommended for Indian roads:

Bridgestone TURANZA

Bridgestone TURANZA comes with a unique tread design that helps to offer superior wet grip and wet braking. The flat contact patch technology improves the tread life of the tyre. It features five-degree noise reduction technology for smooth ride quality.


Price: Rs 2,350 – Rs 21,500 | Car type: Hatchback, Sedan, SUV | Find Bridgestone dealers near you

Goodyear GT3

Goodyear GT3 is a very popular tyre among the drivers for its stability and traction on rugged roads. Moreover, drivers prefer to enjoy good grip, decent tread life and ride quality on Indian roads and this tyre satisfy their needs. It absorbs less power to move that helps you to get improved fuel economy. To offer a comfortable ride, it offers low noise levels.

Top 8 car tyres for Indian roads

Price: Rs 2,854 – Rs 5,500 | Car type: Hatchback, Sedan, SUV | Find Goodyear dealers near you


This tyre gets deeper tread grooves that are made to guarantee better traction on low-friction surfaces. It comes with a premium tread compound that aids the tyre in facing all kind of harsh terrains. MRF ZVTS offers astonishing handling and comfort levels to the driver and occupants.

Top 8 car tyres for Indian roads

Price: Rs 2,205 – Rs 5,064 | Car type: Hatchback, Sedan, SUV | Find MRF dealers near you

Michelin Primacy

This tyre features reduced tread block deformation that helps to offer exceptional tyre mileage. Also, the chamfered tread blocks increase the contact patch for more reliable grip. Michelin Primacy comes with self-locking bands inside the tiny grooves reduce tread block deformation for improved handling and excellent wet grip.

Top 8 car tyres for Indian roads

Price: Rs 6,585 – Rs 16,260 | Car type: Hatchback, Sedan, SUV | Find Michelin dealers near you

Apollo Amazer 4G

Amazer series is one of the most popular series offered by Apollo tyres. They feature low rolling resistance to enhance the fuel economy of the vehicle. In addition to that, it comes with a unique tyre compound that aids in extending the tyre life.


Price: Rs 2,230 – Rs 3,400 | Car type: Hatchback, Sedan | Find Apollo dealers near you

JK Vectra

JK Vectra comes with innovative features such as automatic balance indicator and fire resistance that makes the tyre stand out from the rivals. It gets a wider contact patch that aids in enhancing the stability and control of the vehicle. It offers exceptional grip on all terrains and gets innovative tread pattern for improved wet grip. It flaunts a speed rating of 190 km/hr and is capable enough to carry 500 kg of load at top speed.

Top 8 car tyres for Indian roads

Price: Rs 2,400 – Rs 8,102 | Car type: Hatchback, Sedan,SUV | Find JK Tyre dealers near you


This tyre is one of the best tyres for off-road as it comes with EdgeTec grooves and Triple 3D sipes. Geolandar has a long tread life and assures treadwear warranty up to  60,000 miles. Moreover, it comes with the Enduro compound that helps the tyre to remain pliable on every temperature, thus increasing the durability and handling.

Top 8 car tyres for Indian roads

Price: Rs 5,360 – Rs 15,860 | Car type: SUV | Find Yokohama dealers near you

Maxxis MA-P1

This tyre is designed to offer excellent performance on every road conditions. It gets an aggressive tread design that prevents the tyres from hydroplaning. The aesthetic sidewall reduces the noise level and aids the tyre in providing a comfortable and quiet ride. To extend the tyre life, Maxxis MA-P1  comes with spiral jointless nylon cap.

Top 8 car tyres for Indian roads

Price: Rs 2,458 – Rs 4,083 | Car type:  Hatchback, Sedan, SUV 

A robust set of tyres is a must if you are planning to take out your car on Indian roads. Above-mentioned are some of the top eight tyres that you can consider for your car to enjoy excellent grip, durability and braking.

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