Best Tubeless Bike Tyres

Published On 11-Mar-2020By TyreDekho Team

Best bike tyre

The motorcycle tyres are broadly categorized into two types namely tubeless and tube-type tyres. Leaving a few, most of the new age bikes – including mass segment motorcycles – come installed with tubeless tyres.

The tubeless tyres offer an upper hand over the tube type ones in terms of maintenance, puncture resistance, convenience, and prolonged life. Compared to tubeless, tube-type tyres deflate quickly, while with tubeless you can travel certain distance – searching for tyre repair – as loss of air happens gradually.

So let’s have a look at the best tubeless tyres in the market for 100cc-150cc segment motorcycles in India.

Michelin City Pro

The French tyre manufacturer has been in the country for two decades now. It has been continuously coming up with products that suit Indian road conditions. The Michelin City Pro is a very capable motorcycle tyre with sizes for nearly all the motorcycles in the 100-150cc segment.

The city road-specific tyre features robust tyre pattern that confronts pothole-filled roads well. The use of innovative bridging tech ensures longer and maintenance-free life. Excellent handling and optimum grip are enabled by unique tread design, while progressive sipe expertise gets excellent traction under wet conditions. Best bike tyre


The Zoom series of motorcycle tyres from the leading two-wheeler tyre maker needs no introduction. Known for superior life and handling ability, CEAT Zoom tyre – which also comprise of Zoom X3, Zoom XL and others – have proven record of agile performance under demanding road conditions.

On one hand, the smaller capacity Zoom (100cc) tyres focus on longevity and good grip, while on performance (150cc) tyres are intended towards brilliant cornering, braking and confident leaning. The tyre offers enhanced grip under wet setups, thanks to the wide contact area and unique tread design that aids in better water dispersal. Best bike tyre

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TVS Protorq Sport 

A very promising tyre under the Eurogrip brand of TVS Tyres, Protorq Sport comes in more than 10 different tyre fitment sizes. Designed and developed keeping in mind millennial customers, it receives fascinating aesthetics bundled with the latest technology.

Protorq Sport gets modern tread pattern and unique profile to ensure enhanced riding experience to its riders. Its rounded edges and extended shoulder design guarantee apt stability at high speeds, while the tough carcass structure tackles road surface damages with ease. High tread life and even contact with the surface is ensured for long, courtesy use of unique blend of rubber compound.

Best bike tyre 

MRF Zapper

Zapper series tyres (Zapper Q, Zapper FS, Zapper FY, and others) have been original equipment tyres to numerous Indian and foreign motorcycles in the country.  One of the most trusted tyres in the biking arena, MRF Zapper is the first choice of motorcyclists, irrespective of the segment, owing to their reliability, handling, performance and apt pricing.

Developed through extensive R&D, Zappers feature centre groove with deep treads for excellent grip on any surface. With its innovative tread design, it maintains better control even at high speeds. Further, the integration of innovative compound results in longer tread life.

Best bike tyre

So, if you are looking to change your worn-out tube-type tyres with the tubeless ones, you can choose any from the aforesaid. Depending upon your budget and requirement you can zero upon the tyre for your bike.

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