TVS Tyres holds two-wheeler tyre safety camp in Delhi

Published On 2016-01-06 14:52:57By Siddharth Sharma 1358 views

Tvs tyres safety camp

Indian tyre manufacturer TVS Tyres conducted a two-wheeler tyre safety camp in New Delhi. The motive of this campaign was to educate different types of two-wheeler owners about the importance of tyre safety measures. At this event, more than 100 vehicles were inspected and tyre safety tips were shared with the attendees. Moreover, the company showcased its range of tyres including 3.00-18 Jumbo GT and PT, 3.00-17 Jumbo and 275 -18 RIB STIFFER.

The life and health of tyres depends upon the road conditions and how they are used. This makes it essential to frequently inspect them for damage and wear. Damaged tyres increase the risk of accidents, and therefore, it is better to replace them on priority basis.

According to TVS Tyres, some basic safety measures that one should follow are –

  • Pressure Test: The pressure of tyres should be checked regularly. Ensure that the tyres are cool when you take the reading. For better traction in wet conditions, increase pressures by about 10 per cent.
  • Alignment: Proper alignment makes tyres long-lasting, especially for shaft drive bikes that have no adjustment.
  • Shine the Rubber: Soap and water is the best fluid to clean rubber. Ensure any lube, brake fluid or gas is wiped off from the tyres instantly.
  • Construction: Never run two tyres of differing construction. Always go for manufacturer-recommended tyres as they are designed to fit.
  • Replace: If a tyre has cracks, dents or bubbles; if the tread is worn out; if air-valves are faulty;
  • New Tyres: Replace the tube when changing to new tyres as it increases the life of a tyre.
  • Air Pressure: Should be maintained at all times since under inflation wears off the tyre while over inflation makes the ride uncomfortable.

Being a responsible tyre brand, TVS Tyres conducts these awareness programs in different parts of the country. During the campaign, the company takes into account unique driving conditions of the respective cities before giving safety tips.

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