Two-Wheeler Tyre Maintenance Guide

Published On 21-Sep-2019By TyreDekho Team

We give you an insight about how you can keep your motorcycle tyre in good health 

Two-wheeler tyre maintenance guide

The tyres of your bike are crucial for safe driving as they are the only connection between your bike and the road. In order to get the best performance out of your tyres, you should always maintain them.

A tyre mainly has four functions:

  • It produces traction for braking and acceleration.
  • It helps to support steering and directional control.
  • It holds the entire weight of the vehicle.
  • It absorbs the vibrations from the road and offers a superior ride quality.

A tyre is made out of a special compound that tends to get damaged with time, especially under direct sun and them might hamper the performance and your safety. To avoid that, here are some of the tips that you should follow to maintain your tyres:

Maintaining air pressure: Keeping proper tire pressure is a crucial part of maintaining the tyre of your bike, and one should check the air pressure once a week. Tyre pressure is very significant on motorcycles as the ride quality, and handling can fluctuate dramatically with minor changes. In addition to that, tyres wear more rapidly when they are not correctly inflated, and that's another reason why you should check the air pressure of your tyre. A question might arise in your mind that what is the best time to review the tyre pressure and the answer is before you take your bike out for a spin because at that time the tyres are cool. When the wheels start to spin, it generates heat on the surface of your tyre, which alters the pressure of the air inside. One of the most important thing to that is that you should always take the help of your owner's manual before filling the air in your tyre for recommended PSI levels. However, if you have changed the size of the tyre, then you can refer to the pressure figures that are engraved on the sidewall.

Two-wheeler tyre maintenance guide

Check the tread level: Sufficient tyre tread not only assures the integrity of the tyre, but it also permits water to be channelled away from the contact area, which aids in maintaining traction under wet riding conditions. You can use a coin to check the tread life of your tyre. Place the coin within the tread groove, and if you are able to see 1/3rd of the coin, then there's adequate tyre tread. If it doesn't, then it's high time to upgrade your tyre.

Drive sensibly: It is one of the most vital things when it comes to maintaining your tyre as your driving style puts a significant impact on the treads. If you do not ride sensibly, then there could be chances of falling of tread level.

Replace tyres: If your tyres are completely worn-out, then you should look for a suitable upgrade rather than continue to use that same tyre as it can be hazardous.

Two-wheeler tyre maintenance guide

Other measures: You should not use any sort of chemicals to wash your tyres as it can damage the tyre. Instead, you should use mild soap and water, which is more than enough to wash away the mud stuck on your tyre. You should try not to park your bike under direct sunlight as it might damage the tyre by hardening it.

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You should put more focus on the rear tyre as it tends to wear faster than the front tyres. You should check for visible cracks or any other damages and if you find any major one of them then replace the tyres as soon as possible to avoid misfortunes. It is not necessary to change both the tyres at the same time, but you should consider suitable tyres that would offer excellent performance and grip. There are various types of tyres available in the market that are designed to tackle different road conditions. If you want to take your bike on long trips and desire good fuel economy, then you should go for tyres with a firm rubber. You should always remember one thing, soft rubber will provide you with great grip and hard one will offer excellent durability.  Moreover, if you have already purchased one, then start to maintain them from day one to increase the tread life of your tyre.

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