Some of the Major Types of Tyres: An Overview

Published On 10-May-2020By TyreDekho Team

Choosing the right set of tyres is important to get the intended performance from your vehicle. Read to know more

Some of the Major Types of Tyres

Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car as they connect it to the road and support the weight of the vehicle. One should never compromise with the quality of the tyres as they are the ones responsible for your safety and comfort while driving. Good quality tyres can be a boon to your precious vehicle while low quality ones can be a curse as they would decrease the performance of your car. Good quality tyres have proper grip on the road that makes the acceleration, turning and braking much easier, giving you an advantage to have total control over your vehicle.

On the other hand, if you are using worn out tyres, they will increase fuel consumption and provide you an uncomfortable and unpleasant travel. Moreover, they are not very efficient in absorbing the bumps and shocks on the surface, which are in fact, very likely to happen on Indian roads. Tyres play a major role in your vehicle's as well as your safety while driving. If they do not have a nice grip on the road surface, your car may lose stability and it may lead to a crash. Therefore, one should always choose those four rubber tubes with air inside them very carefully. Here, we have come up with information on various types of tyres available in the market so that you can choose the right one for yourself and can get the best of performance and efficiency out of your vehicle.

Radial tyres

Radial tyresIn radial tyres the tyre cord extends from bead to bead at a 90 degree angle to the centerline of the tyre. A full length circumferentially running belt of several piles of cord and steel is present on top of the radial piles and under the tread. These cords are positioned in the belt at a low angle of 15 to 25 degrees. These tyres give an even pressure distribution. Soil penetration is also very less. Added to this, it has very good stability, puncture resistance and traction control. It wears out very evenly and gives high fuel mileage.

Tubeless tyres

Tubeless-tyresIn simple terms it is quite clear from the name itself that it does not have an inner tube. The inner tube is integrated with the tyre known as innerliner. An airtight seal between the tyre and the rim keeps the air from leaking. Added to this the inner liner of the tyre is made of butyl rubber which has a very low air permeability thus checking leakage further. Though tubeless tyres are costlier, they come with many advantages. Rate of deflation is very slow which reduces the chances of loss of control. Wheel assembly will be lighter leading to higher efficiency and comfort levels. Since the inner tube is not there, no friction resulting in longer tyre life.

All-Terrain Tyres

All-Terrain-TyresThese tyres are designed for vehicles which operate both on and off the road. More specifically speaking 4 wheel drive vehicles are installed with this. These tyres are given an aggressive and bold look to match with the robust look of the vehicle. They have excellent traction on snow, mud, water and works fine on road also. The circumferential grooves work wonders in clearing out gravels and mud, making it versatile for both off road and on road. All these attributes make it a right choice for trucks, pickups, SUVs etc.

Performance Tyres

Performance-TyresPerformance tyres are intended to be used in sports cars, sporty coupes and performance sedans. These tyres also suit drivers who want a combination of sporty appearance, excellent performance at high speed, good dry and wet traction and top notch durability. They have circumferential grooves which trap the water and dissipate it, thus giving a good road control to the vehicle. Standard performance, high performance and ultra-high performance are the speed ratings in which theses tyres are available. In very freezing zones performance tyres tend to slip .So it is avoided in snow.

SUV tyres

SUV tyreThese tyres give the vehicle a style boost, sophisticated comfort and all season all-road traction. These can be installed in luxury pickup, SUVs and upscale crossovers. These tyres are built to suit all needs. It provides your car with a perfect blend of comfort, fashion and function. These tyres have a higher load index, i.e, it can carry more weight than other hatchback tyres. They basically work just fine with all type of whether conditions. Be it snow, wet condition, dry hot road, mud, sand, etc. They are durable and long lasting which make them a perfect choice for a cross country.

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