Tyre Impact:Highway Vs City Driving

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The way you drive is the key indicator to determine your tyre’s life.

Tyre Impact: Highway Vs City Driving

There is a difference between driving on the busy city roads and open highways. Most drivers among us can relate to it as we tend to encounter different instances on both the surfaces. Not only you as a driver, even the tyres of your vehicle too feel the difference and react accordingly. Whether driving on the city road filled with potholes and uneven speed breakers or long stretches of highways with well-maintained tarmac, it is your driving habits that ascertain how long your tyre’s tread will survive.

Tyre Impact During City Drive

City roads are filled with unpredictable potholes, pedestrians/vehicles rushing and instances where you need to apply emergency brakes to avoid accidents are all part of a car being driven in the city. Sudden acceleration, braking or quick manoeuvre takes a miniature layer of your car’s tyre away. If this becomes a norm then your tyres will wear out quicker than you thought. For tyres, every kilometre taken in the city is counted.

Tyre Impact: Highway Vs City Driving

Tyre Impact During Highway Drive

Contrarily on highway drives, the car’s odometer might show you more number of kilometres but tyre wear is considerably less. Since highways are maintained better and there are hardly any pedestrians wherein you need to apply brake suddenly. As the number of acceleration, manoeuvring and braking instances are less, the tyres driven mostly on highways survive longer.

DIY Plan To Extend The Life Of Your Tyres

Keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles around so you have enough time to react. The additional distance will put less strain on tyres during manoeuvring as there will be controlled wear from the forces of the road.

Avoid tight cornering at high speeds, also drive slow to allow you time to accelerate or brake. Aggressive driving is always dangerous not only for you or for people around you, but it is also troublesome for your tyres as it simply accelerates the wear rate of your tyre due to frequent rubber burning.

It is all about adjusting your daily driving habits be it on city roads or highways or a combination of both. Follow these small tips and you will notice the results in the long run.

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