Tyre Inspection For Summer Road Trips

Published On 12-Mar-2020By TyreDekho Team

There are few simple tyre tips hat will give you some peace of mind and keep you safe while driving longer distances during the hot summer months

Tyre Inspection for Summer Road Trips

So the summers are back and it’s time to hit the road with family for a road trip to a remote destination. As the day of the excursion nears you are busy packing your luggage and other essentials for the trip. Some concerned drivers check their vehicle for its engine oil, braking performance, battery, etc. However, few get down their knees to examine the condition of their car tyres before the long-distance drive. Good condition tyres are also a vital aspect of a safe journey. Below is the tyre inspection checklist for a safe drive this summer.

Tyre Pressure

Recommended air pressure is important especially during long route drives where the car is loaded with baggage and occupants. Driving with over-inflated or under-inflated tyres can be dangerous as it affects a vehicle’s stability, handling and fuel efficiency. Always check and fill tyre pressure only when the tyres are in ‘cold’ state meaning they have not been in running for around three hours.

Tread Depth 

Check tread depth using a tread depth gauge or look for tread wear indicator (TWI) located inside the tread groove. Due to wear, if you are unable to find the TWI marking then it’s time to replace tyres. Also check for uneven tyre wear, which may be a wheel alignment/balancing issue.

Cuts & Cracks

With a close look to the tyre sidewall and tread, you can check for cuts, bruises and cracks. You may also come across some tiny debris, small rocks locked inside the tread area, which can be removed by yourself, while if you find any bulge on the sidewall it indicates internal tyre damage, suggesting tyre expert help.

Tyre Rotation 

If you have not rotated your tyres for long, rotation before the journey can be a good thought. Tyre rotation promote even tyre wear as well as ensure better fuel economy.


Carrying excess weight may lead to a car to underperform as tyres and vehicles both come with maximum load limit that they can bear. To know the recommended weight you can check vehicle manual, while tyre load capacity is mentioned on the sidewall.

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