Tyre Problems: The DOs And DONTs

Published On 2015-03-05 11:21:30By Nabanita Bhattacharya 4612 views

DOs And DONTs of Tyres

Today, automobiles are an essential element of our livelihoods, so much so that our world has been drawn into an inseparable relation with them. As a result, one of the most vital components that help run everyday life is the tyre. It is imperative that due attention be given to these things, for they hold a great deal of utility in the working of our world. Tyres are responsible for securing safety on our streets, for ensuring that the vehicles running on them are kept well balanced, stable, and under a good grip. As a result, they carry a great deal of importance upon them, and it is essential to have them well maintained.

Our radials are prone to facing regular problems over a long period of time, and they require a round of maintenance every once in a while for brushing their quality up. The standard set of problems that people with tyres face include wearing, low inflation, loss of alignment, a need for rotation, and eroding tread quality.

Here are a set of things you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T do to ensure that your tyres are kept well maintained always, without the above mentioned problems affecting their overall quality.

Check tyre pressure


1. Check your tyre pressure when the tyres are cold.

2. Have a pressure gauge of your own, to keep a track of the inflation levels manually.

3. Have the wheel alignment checked as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

4. If you’ve hit a pot hole or a rough spot, have the wheel alignment checked again.

5. If you feel vibrations or difficulty in steering, have the wheel balance checked. This is a sign that you’ve lost wheel balance.

6. When rotating tyres, go by the recommendations set by the manufacturer.

7. Keep a regular check to see if the tread wear is damaged by spare objects on the road, such as glass or sharp items.

8. Always have a tyre repair kit with you, in case of a tyre puncture. A ‘patch repair’ kit helps to mend the puncture.

9. If you notice or sense irregular wear on the tyre, which might affect the handling and cause disturbance in control, check the tyre alignment.

10. Always use valve caps to protect the valve core.


1. Don’t bleed the tyres (reduce the inflation pressure) when they’re hot. Always wait until they’re cold.

2. Don’t always rely on the tyre pressure gauge at the service station. Have one of your own, for the ones at service stations could be inaccurate.

3. If you notice regular pressure loss, don’t simply keep re-inflating them and continue driving, have the tyres inspected.

4. Have the alignment of all four wheels checked, and not just the front wheels.

5. Don’t use tyres whose tread depth is below the legal constraint.

6. Don’t climb curbs to park the car, for this could lead to loss of wheel alignment.

7. If the tyre has damage inflicted on it, don’t just pull the nail or the glass piece out by your own self. Go to a tyre dealer, who can get the radial properly repaired.

8. Don’t use tyres with lower performance capacities than your vehicle’s requirement.

9. Always keep the speed down during rains, for the tyre’s traction ability is always affected on slippery roads, and this could lead to skidding.

10. Keep the speed down also in gravel roads. Rough conditions, with sharp rocks and stones always pose a threat to the tyre, and could lead to damage if driven over with excessive speed.

Altogether, these precautions and many more that you might gather in your experience of using tyres, would ensure that the radials your car drives on is kept at top notch quality. Tyres make the foundation for all safety on our roads, and it is vital that we mark their needs and fulfill them.

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