Tyre Speed Rating: Why it is important?

Speed Rating of a tyre

The speed rating of a tyre represents the maximum speed the tyre can reach. When your old tyres are worn off and you need to go for a new set of tyres, then you should always follow the instructions given in the user manual of the manufacturer. The speed rating is generally mentioned on the sidewalls of a tyre and is denoted alphabetically. For example, if your tyre has got ‘S’ rating then it is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 180 km/h. In the same way, if it has got ‘H’ rating then it can go up to 210 km/h. However, while choosing the best tyres for your car, you should always keep in mind that the tyres should complement the vehicle’s performance.

It is also recommended that the speed rating of your tyres should be more than the top speed of your car. Note that speed ratings just apply to tyres that have not been harmed, altered, under-inflated or overloaded. Furthermore, most tyre producers keep up that a tyre that has been cut or punctured no more holds the tyre maker’s original speed rating, even in the wake of being repaired.This is in light of the fact that the tyre manufacturer can’t control the quality of the repair.
Here, we have come up with a speed rating chart that will help you choose the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle.

Speed SymbolMax Speed Capability(Km/h)Speed SymbolMax Speed Capability(Km/h)


  • Can I use tyres with speed rating higher than that recommended by my manufacturer  ?
    It’s allowed to move up to a higher speed-rated tyre. It is more secure to utilize a tyre with a higher rate rating than the speed at which you are planning to drive.
  • Can I use tyres with speed rating lower than that recommended by my manufacturer  ?
    No, It is both illegal and perilous to drive with tyres that are lower than the suggested speed rating. . It is very important to know the exact speed rating of your vehicle, because if you choose the wrong set of tyres for your vehicle, then it may cause your insurance to be invalid.
  • Can tyres of different speed ratings be mounted on a vehicle?
        For best performance, it is recommended that the tyres of same speed rating be used on all four wheel positions. If tyres of

different speed ratings

    are mounted on a vehicle, the lower speed-rated tyres should be placed on the front axle regardless of which axle is driven. This is to prevent a potential over steer condition.

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