Understanding Tyre Warranties

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Tyre Warranties

Tyres are the only part of a vehicle that comes in contact with roads. These play a major role in giving a comfortable ride besides ensuring high level of safety for its passengers. These components wear out with time and there are also many factors that causes damage to them. So, at some or the other point, you will have to replace them with a new set of radials. Each and every tyre comes with a warranty, which represents the assurance of company about its quality. In general, a radial has a warranty of around four to six years from the date of purchase or until its tread wears out. If you purchase a new set, then the warranty starts at the purchase date or at the time of delivery.

Types of Warranties:

All the tyre companies offer different kinds of warranties and every owner of a vehicle should have knowledge about them. Knowing about them, will certainly help you in saving money on a new set or in case of repairs. Some of these types are explained below.

1) Tread Life Warranty:

Each and every tyre making firm offers this warranty. All the radials have tread life estimate, which is again dependent on its kind and the number of kilometers it is expected to last under normal driving conditions. Most of the firms offer them between 70, 000 to 1,00,000 kilometers. If a radial wears out even before the estimated mileage limit, then it qualifies to be replaced under this warranty. For this, you require showing the proofs of its purchase and their rotation at recommended intervals. Depending on the percentage of remaining tread on old radials, the firm prorates the cost of the new ones. Moreover, if you notice the tread wears down past 1.6mm even before it reaches this limit then, you have a chance of getting some money back.

2) Uniformity warranty:

This is another type that covers you especially, when you face ride issues. This uniformity warranty covers vibrations or any other disturbances that are caused by a radial. You can easily notice such issues as your vehicle will vibrate and fail to give a smooth ride.

3) Workmanship and materials warranty:

It is meant to safeguard a customer from any damages that takes place in the manufacturing stage or in the compounds used for its formation. There are a number of companies, which offer this warranty mainly for the life of a radial. The problems like cracking in the sidewall and loss of a block of tread are covered under this warranty.

4) Road hazards warranty:

This particular warranty is usually offered by the tyre shops. It will cover the repair if a radial gets flat, while it is still within the warranty limit. There are various situations when a tyre cannot be repaired. In such cases, the firm will prorate the remaining mileage for the purchase of a new radial. It is definitely a plus point to have this road hazard warranty especially, when your vehicle is driven on bad road conditions.

5) Special warranty:

Some of the well established companies usually come up with this kind of special warranty program. It is offered for a period of 30 days as a promotional trial. This duration is good enough for you to find out if, the newly purchased radials are quite suitable to your requirements. A few of them even provide free tyre change roadside assistance, which is a plus point. This program normally includes three components, which are 30-day satisfaction guarantee, limited mileage warranty as well as flat tyre changing assistance. In case if, you are not satisfied with the radials for any reason, you will have a full refund or given the credit for buying another tyre.

On the other hand, it is quite essential for you to take care of your tyres and keep them in good condition. There are possibilities that your warranty claim will be denied if, the company does not find your tyres being inflated, rotated or misaligned. Therefore, by following a few precautions, you can minimize the possibility of a tyre wearing out ahead of time and also be prepared for a claim.

Everything about Mileage Warranty:



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