Vipal Rubber to launch pre-cured DV-RT 4 tyre for trucks and highway implements

Published On 2015-04-01 07:21:03By Nabanita Bhattacharya 579 views

Vipal Rubber to launch pre-cured DV-RT 4 tyre

Vipal Rubber, a Brazilian retreaded tyre maker, has announced that it is going to launch a new pre-cured tread for use on drive axle fitment tyres in the Highway segment. The new tread has been named as DV-RT4 – “DV” and “RT” specify that it is for use in the drive axle, highway segment. According to the tyre maker, the DV-RT4 is designed for “those looking for more efficiency and profitability in highway cargo transport operations”.

The product is being unveiled in the market focusing on the manufacturers of trucks and highway implements. It offers the market solutions that allow moving cargo with growing total gross weight. At the same time, innovations such as interlink trucks and road trains driving through the highways of the world are more and more common.

According to Vipal, the DV-RT4 has the necessary qualities to meet the expectations of the customers in this segment. It offers good level of traction and high fuel economy, being indicated for drive axles on paved highways and transport services that require a high performance from the tyres.

The key features are said to include ‘exclusive Vipal design and state-of-the-art compounds, excellent level of traction, excellent resistance against wear through abrasion, homogeneous wear until the end of its service life, wider contact area with the ground, higher mileage, project of blocks and grooves, excellent water drainage, higher adhesion on wet floors and adhesion to slippery terrain, such as mud and snow, making it a M+S tread’.

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