What are the Benefits of Tyre Rotation

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Car manufacturer recommends tyre rotation at every 10,000 km

What are the Benefits of Tyre Rotation

Rotating tyre is a proven strategy to maximize service life and minimize tyre wear. It is an exercise that requires you to switch the position of tyres between front and rear. Tyre rotation may seem like unsolicited advice given by the tyre manufacturer, but it does benefit if done properly on regular basis.

If you have not done it till now, then here are some top reasons why you should do it:

Better Fuel Efficiency

Front and rear tyres wear differently. For example, front tyres carry more than 60 per cent of your car’s weight; consequently, front tyres wear down faster than the rear ones as they are also responsible for moving the car. In vehicles, where tyre rotation is not done, front wheels may wear out more in comparison to the other wheels. As a result, this may lead to tyre spin and loss of power, hence reducing overall fuel economy of the vehicle.

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Longer Tyre Life

Tyre begins to wear as soon as you start driving, and its wear and tear not just depend upon the air pressure, but position too. Front wheels are steered and are exposed to greater wear. Both the front and rear tyres experience uneven wear and one can notice that the inside surface of the tyre experience greater wear than outer. By simply rotating the tyres, you can extend tyre life considerably.

Better Handling

For better handling, you need to have better grip of the road. Tread starts wearing off with time. This might not come to your notice on dry road surface, but it can prove to be disastrous in wet condition. Uneven wear affects the water expelling capacity due to which handling becomes tough.

Save Money

By performing tyre rotation, you save money as your tyres get extended life. It also keeps the fuel efficiency in check as the car steers better. Tyre rotation also negates chances of inadvertent accident/breakdown that may result from tyre wear.

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