What to consider while buying tyres online?

Published On 30-Jun-2016By TyreDekho Team


In this article, we will guide you on how to select new tyres for your vehicle while purchasing tyres online. Buying tyres online is always a difficult task, one should do a complete research before going for this. The local shop dealers know which tyre will suit best and will also charge for the balancing and fitting of the tyres onto your vehicle.

What to consider while buying tyres online

Buying tyres for your vehicle is very important as to what is the right size depending on the vehicle you have and the road conditions.

Buying tyres online:

Given are some useful tips for buying tyres online:

1. You should know when to replace your vehicle tyres. The tyres wear out usually after five years, however, it also depends on how you run your vehicle on different road conditions(off-roading, on-roading). Moreover, one should also know how many tyres one wants to replace, all the tyres or just one or two. It is not necessary that all the tyres wear out simultaneously.

2. If you are happy with the tyres you had earlier equipped in your vehicle, it will be an easy task. If not, you have to make a choice or by taking suggestions from the tyre dealer as to which tyre will best suit your vehicle and, on the other hand, will not hamper the car's performance.

3. You should know the correct tyre size that will suit your driving condition (winter tyres, summer tyres, all-weather tyres). One should always refer the car's user manual for the right size for your vehicle and should know how to measure the correct tyre size, for example:

P195/60R16 63H M+S is the tyre size, where: -

P stands for the type of the tyre, 195 stands for the width of the tyre, 60 is for the aspect ratio of the sidewall compared to the width, R for Radial tyre, 16 is the overall diameter of the rim in inches, 63 stands for the tyre's load capacity, H stands for tyre's speed rating and M+S stands for all-season driving.

4.Always read the tyre review, which you have selected for your vehicle. This gives you a fair idea about the tyre quality, brand and other pros and cons of the tyres.

5. Before buying tyres online, always compare the prices of the tyre with other online dealers/brands.

6. After the tyre selection, one should always maintain their vehicle to ensure tyre longevity, less wear out and good performance. The tyres should be properly inflated with the correct tyre pressure. If the tyre pressure is less, the tyre will wear out soon as this puts more pressure of the vehicle on the tyres and the rubber will burn faster. If the tyre's pressure is more, there are more chances of tyre burst mostly in hot weather condition. Therefore, it is always recommended to inflate tyre with the correct tyre pressure, not less, nor too high.

7. Lastly, after buying tyres online, one will have to get the tyres fitted into the vehicle at a service workshop that will cost extra.


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