Wider tyres by Pirelli make F1 cars look aggressive

Published On 23-Aug-2016By TyreDekho Team


Formula One-2017 would see one of the major overhauls in the race with the introduction of wider tyres. Pirelli, the official tyre supplier for F1, has been tackling this bull by its horns and is working relentlessly to produce tyres that not only offer optimum performance but are also durable and make for a better downforce.

Apart from helping cars achieve a better lap time, the tyres would make the cars look more aggressive and improve the overall aesthetics. This is expected to increase the popularity of the ever-so popular Formula One races.

The ongoing testing is being proven to be of extreme help to the tyre maker and the participant teams. Pirelli has been collecting a humongous amount of data and analyzing it across various parameters to create tyres that fare extremely well on the altered requirements.

Paul Hembery, Motorsport Director, Pirelli, said, "To achieve a higher level of performance that approximately equates to lap times that are five seconds per lap faster than Barcelona 2015,which is the reference time, we need higher downforce and increased cornering speeds; so wider tyres were also needed to cope with this."

"The reaction so far to the way they look has been overwhelmingly positive, ever since we revealed the new look of the tyres in a static display at the Monaco Grand Prix. Personally, I think they look stunning.", he added.

With two tests already completed and several more planned, Pirelli expects to improve substantially and introduce changes to the tyres as part of an ongoing development plan.

Paul said, "Both tests went exactly as planned: we had many laps driven and plenty of information collected, which will be relevant for the coming tests in September. The objective was to get a first look at some of the dynamics at work with the new size of tyre; obviously there is still plenty of work left to do.”

"We’re planning to introduce a number of new elements on both the structure and compound side during the coming tests as we finalize the 2017 specification, so this is much more than just a data collection exercise: it’s instead an on-going programme of research, development and evolution.", he added.

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