User Reviews for Nexen Tyres

User Reviews for Nexen Tyres
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User Reviews for Nexen Tyres

  • Better cornering abilities

    Having to ride my car majorly over the highways over a longer period of time, the gripping ability of the stock tyres of my vehicle was lost due to regular use. Having to face difficulties while driving at high speeds over the wet road surface, I replaced the worn-out tyres with the Nexen CP 661 tyres. After using it for over 20,000+ km, I am more than happy with its performance as it comes with a directional tread pattern. It’s low rolling resistance help to improve the fuel economy. Besides the low rolling resistance, the sticky rubber compound also plays an important role to provide better cornering abilities with the robust construction of the tyres making them sturdy and durable.


    By shiva
    On: 2020-03-26 11:13:25
  • Best option for my car

    The Nexen RO HT tyres are specially designed to offer high-quality gripping on any kind of roads including highway and rough terrains. I am using these tyres for the last seven months. For me, these tyres are the best option for my car. The wide grooves have the ability to prevent hydroplaning, which helps to evacuate water effectively. Thus, the tyres offer more excellent traction on wet surface and enhance the braking performance of my car. Besides this, the tyre is also constructed in such a way that it can be more durable and give a noise free riding experience along with extra safety and comfort.


    By raman
    On: 2020-03-25 09:12:22
  • Reasonable control even at high speed

    I got the new Nexen N 7000 tyres for my car as the old tyres were out of use. After fixing the tyres, I can realize enhanced comfort and safety while driving. I can say that the tyres are specially constructed in such a way that it can offer high performance. The provided four wide and straight channel design increase with the traction on the ground, which helps to improve the stability of the car. Thus, it ensures the optimum safety of the passengers. Besides that, there is an arrow centre rib design which offers reasonable control even at high speed by enhancing the high-speed driving performance.


    By retika
    On: 2020-03-24 10:45:47
  • Nice tyre & sufficient grip

    From my point of view, the Nexen N 5000 tyres are the best tyres that I have ever chosen for my car. The previous tyres were not providing sufficient grip and traction, which affects the braking performance of my vehicle. So I replaced those tyres and chose the Nexen N 5000 tyres. The tyres offer exceptional performance irrespective of the road condition. With the help of the wide and deepened directional grooves, the tyres provide excellent water drainage action which improves the braking performance on slippery or wet road surfaces. Besides this, the wider tread block in the centre assists in keeping the vehicle grounded to make the handling easier even at high speed.


    By puneet
    On: 2020-03-24 07:02:41
  • Good tyre corning

    As the Nexen N 2000 tyres meet all the requirements, I replaced the old damaged tyres of my car with the same. The specially designed V type grooves offer an excellent water drainage capacity which provides superior traction and grip even on the wet road surface. Thus, the tyres ensure a safe journey by increasing the braking performance of my car. Moreover, the more extensive footprint allows the tyres to make better as well as constant contact with roads which improves the stability and balanced movement of the vehicle. Along with this, the cornering ability of the tyres is also admirable. However, the robust construction of the tyres makes them more durable.


    By shivani
    On: 2020-03-23 11:35:13
  • Perfect Tyre

    The Nexen CP 672 tyres are one of the best tubeless tyres. I replaced the worn-out tyres of my car with the same. The noise reduction ability of the new tyres satisfies me the most. The tyres are designed in such a way that it offers an ultra-quiet driving with enhanced comfort and safety. There are four wide straight grooves which help to maximize the anti-hydroplaning performance of the tyres and provide a good quality gripping and traction on the wet road surface. This also helps me to have better stability of my car as the tyres protect the vehicle from skidding. I am very much pleased with the performance of the tyre.


    By vinesh
    On: 2020-03-23 07:39:13

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