User Reviews for Nexen Tyres

User Reviews for Nexen Tyres
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User Reviews for Nexen Tyres

  • Excellent braking and cornering ensured by the Nexen SB802.

    Nexen has successfully made its mark in the tyre industry by offering high quality products at reasonable prices. It has manufactured a wide range of products and SB802 is one among them. This particular model gives the best traction on wet roads, while safeguarding a vehicle from skidding. It enables short braking distances and keeps a car safe mainly, at the time of taking turns. Moreover, it also guarantees stability of a vehicle throughout even at high speeds. By providing a better steering response, it makes handling quite easier to a driver. Besides these, it offers an exceptional grip on both wet as well as dry surfaces and also guarantees a smooth ride to its passengers. Therefore, all these key qualities certainly makes it a preferred choice among others in the market.

    By ritika kalia
    On: 2015-03-20 02:11:11
  • The Nexen SB 702 ensures better fuel efficiency.

    Nexen is one of the finest producers of radials available in the market today. Tyres of this brand are mostly known for their best quality and high performance. Out of its various products, this SB 702 model is made with resistance to irregular wear. It has the best braking ability that enables short stopping distances. Whether it is wet or dry roads, a firm grip is maintained all through the drive. Moreover, this radial has a light weight profile that aids in better fuel efficiency. Its optimum tread pattern can take on any surface and keeps a vehicle stable at all times. Besides these, it ensures maximum safety at the time of taking turns and guarantees a noise free ride. All in all, this is one of the fine tyre models that any driver can look for their vehicle.

    By gaurav gandhi
    On: 2015-03-20 02:08:30
  • Nexen RO HT Designed to run on rugged terrains.

    Nexen is one renowned brand that has made its place in the list of top tyre making companies. Its products are supplied all over the world, which are trusted by countless customers. One among the various models offered by this firm is named RO HT, which is mainly developed to run on highways and rougher terrains. This tyre features an advanced tread pattern that guarantees the best of steering responsive along with an improved braking ability. It ensures the vehicle remains safe even when cornering and offers a maximum level of grip. Other qualities of this model like reduced noise, smooth ride, anti aquaplaning, and durability makes this an ideal choice among many others.

    By disha
    On: 2015-03-09 06:38:23
  • N 7000 A tyre that gives exceptional performance.

    Nexen tyres is an established name in the tyre industry that has made its mark by offering best quality tyres to customers. There are a wide range of radials that are produced by this manufacturer and N 7000 is one among them. This is an ultra high performance all season tyre that comes with a directional tread pattern. It runs excellently both on wet and dry surfaces, while maintaining maximum grip all through the drive. Not only it keeps a vehicle stable and well balanced, but also provides a comfortable driving experience. The mixture of silica compound with rigid rubber further, makes it durable and safe to drive.

    By rajesh ambure
    On: 2015-03-09 06:14:08
  • The surest handling enabled with the Nexen ATRV.

    The ATRV is a radial that defines quality on every means. It applies firm traction to the vehicle on all surfaces, and allows for smooth and effortless braking. The most precise steering response allows for control on a far more advanced level. In addition to all this, the tyre also helps save fuel and increase mileage. Comfort and peace are assured with this radial, which strives to deliver the best to its owner.

    By nikhil
    On: 2015-03-06 03:37:16
  • Uncompromised safety with the Nexen N 5000.

    Radials are the foundation for their car's performance, and lack of performance. They are responsible for building a sound control for the vehicle. The N 5000 brings a high powered grip to suit any surface. Braking is made smoother and easier with the help of this tyre. Stability and a balanced steering are also assured benefits. The radial has the most precise steering, refining control for its vehicle. Going further than standard tyre benefits, this one also helps with fuel saving. It seals its all rounded feat with a comfortable and quiet ride for its owner.

    By saurabh
    On: 2015-03-03 06:01:28


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