User Reviews for Ralco Tyres

User Reviews for Ralco Tyres
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User Reviews for Ralco Tyres

  • Unique tread design

    The Ralco Spark is a very nice tyre recommendation for the users who are seeing for a tyre that assists the purpose of durability. I have been using this tyre to drive my bike for longer than 50,000+ km and am more than pleased with its unique tread design that offers additional handling over both dry and wet surfaces.


    By ashu pal
    On: 2020-04-09 12:46:33
  • Extended tread life and increased safety

    The sturdy composition of the Ralco RT-9 tyres makes it more robust and durable. This is one of the primary purposes of fixing the same tyres into my two-wheeler. Besides this, the cutting edge technology enables the tyres to contribute excellent wet and dry grip along with extended tread life and increased safety.


    By sameer
    On: 2020-04-09 12:39:33
  • High-level stability to my bike

    Due to some safety issues, I restored the worn-out tyres of my bike with the new Ralco Roadstrom-F tyres. The new tyre is excellent and allows high-level stability to my bike while driving at high speed. Besides this, the innovative tread pattern of the tyres helps me to have a tight grip on the road irrespective of the surface condition.


    By praful
    On: 2020-04-09 12:27:05
  • Innovative tread pattern

    My two-wheeler got its new sets of Ralco Roadstrom Plus tyres four months ago. I admire the firm composition of the tyres, which makes them more robust and long-lasting. However, the innovative tread pattern of the tyres is there to contribute a high-quality grip and traction even while the road situation is deplorable.


    By sujan singh
    On: 2020-04-09 12:15:15
  • Provides exceptional performance

    As I am using the Ralco Road Strom-T tyres for my bike for the last eight months, I can mention that the tyres are one of the most suitable tyres for a high-powered motorcycle like the one I have. The tyres are formed with a silica-infused composite that provides exceptional performance. It also assures a safe bike journey by implementing outstanding wet and dry traction impact during braking.


    By nikhil
    On: 2020-04-08 12:15:47
  • Better Tyre Life

    In my opinion, Ralco Road Strom tyres are the most reliable tyres that I have ever chosen for my bike. The modern composite technology of the tyres offers magnified safety and extended life of the tyres. The tyres are also produced to provide high-quality grip and traction, which advances the braking execution of my bike.


    By sachin
    On: 2020-04-08 11:53:18

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