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The Royal Enfield Classic 500 wears a 90/90 R18 tyre at the front and a 110/80 R18 tyre at the rear. At Rs. 1450, the Zapper Kurve F is the cheapest front tyre available for the classic, while the Blaster-F, which retails at Rs. 2900 is the most expensive front tyre available for the classic. Priced at Rs. 1725, the Zapper Y is the most affordable rear tyre for the classic. The ANGEL GT at Rs. 17340 is the costliest rear tyre for the classic.
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MRF Tyres Zapper Q 110/90 R18 Tube

MRF Zapper Q

Size: 110/90 R18Type: Tube
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MRF Tyres Zapper FM 90/90 R19

MRF Zapper FM

Size: 90/90 R19 
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CEAT Tyres Zoom Plus 110/90 R18 61P Tubeless

CEAT Zoom Plus

Size: 110/90 R18 61PType: Tubeless
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MRF Tyres Zapper Q 120/80 R18 Tube

MRF Zapper Q

Size: 120/80 R18Type: Tube
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Pirelli Tyres MT60 TM 120/80 R18 62T M/C Tubeless

Pirelli MT60 TM

Price Not Available
Size: 120/80 R18 62T M/CType: Tubeless
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Pirelli Tyres ANGEL GT 110/80 ZR 18 58W M/C Tubeless

Pirelli ANGEL GT

Size: 110/80 ZR 18 58W M/CType: Tubeless
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CEAT Tyres ZOOM 120/80 R18 Tubeless


Size: 120/80 R18Type: Tubeless
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Ralco Tyres Blaster-F 90/90 R19 Tubeless

Ralco Blaster-F

Size: 90/90 R19Type: Tubeless
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CEAT Tyres Zoom Plus 110/90 R18 61P Tube

CEAT Zoom Plus

Size: 110/90 R18 61PType: Tube
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Ask our Tyre expert

Prabhakar Rajuvia Facebook

Dear Ramit, I am looking for the tyres that give vintage look for my Royal Enfield 350 std 2014 model. My choice is the deep treaded CEAT secura sport 3.5" x 19 for both fron
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Hi Prabhakar,

Stock tyre sizes for Royal Enfield 350  are:

Front- 3.0 X 19 (90/90-19 )

Rear- 3.75 X 19 ( 110/90-19 )

Secura Sport is only available for rear fitment in this case. For front you can use Ceat F-67 tyre.


Kiran Kirivia Facebook

Is it safe to upgrade from 110/80/18 to 120/80/18 for bullet clasic 350?

Hi Kiran,

Yes, you can safely upsize to the 120/80/18 size tyre. It will offer you extra shoulder grip that is always a good thing while cornering. There is a 2.5 mm difference in the circumference of two tyre size, which is not much. You can see the list of  tyres offered here-


Tyre Expert
Ramit Anand

Our Tyre expert answers all your tyre-related queries.

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