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Tvs Sport wears tyres of 3/ R17 size. There are 98 different tyre models available for Sport from renowned brands like MRF, Michelin, Apollo and more. The most affordable tyre available for the Sport is the Metro, which is priced at Rs. 875 while the Maxxis at Rs. 6900 is the most expensive.

Sport Tyres Price

Tyres NamePrice RangeTyre Type
Birla ROADMAXX BT R42Rs.978Tube
Michelin SIRAC STREETRs.1750Tube
Apollo ACTIZIP F3Rs.1870Tube
Metro Conti RevolutionRs.1595Tube
Birla ROADMAXX BT F21Rs.1111Tube

Tvs Sport Tyre Size

Variant Name
(Tyre Size Guide)
Front & Rear Tyre SizeTyre Price (Starts From)
Kick Start Spoke2.75 R17 & 3 R17Rs.1000
1002.75 R17 & 3 R17Rs.1000
Electric Start Mag2.75 R17 & 3 R17Rs.1000
Kick Start Mag2.75 R17 & 3 R17Rs.1000
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98 Sport Tyres

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Recently Asked Questions

  • vineet gupta asked 22 Mar 2020 01:33:27
    Renault duster which Tyre best

    The likes of MRF Wanderer Sport, Apollo Apterra HL, Yokohama GEOLANDAR A/T-S, and Michelin LTX Force make for some great tyre options for the Renault Duster.

    Answered 27 Mar 2020 11:49:17
  • pratik chavan asked 13 Mar 2020 09:29:11
    I have Benelli tnt 600i which tyre’s are best for it?

    Some of the best options for the Benelli Tnt 600i are Michelin Pilot Road 4, Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO II, and Metzeler SPORTEC M5I.

    Answered 16 Mar 2020 12:57:52
  • ajith thundathil asked 12 Mar 2020 12:38:16
    Best Tyre for continental gt 650

    The Pirelli SPORT DEMON is one of the best options out there for the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650.

    Answered 16 Mar 2020 12:57:52

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Frequently Asked Questions on Tvs Sport

Which tyre is best for Tvs Sport?

Birla ROADMAXX BT R42, Michelin SIRAC STREET and Apollo ACTIZIP F3 are some of the best tyres for Sport. With a starting price of 875 Metro Conti Rib is the cheapest tyre Sport. These tyres are reasonably priced and are available in 17 inches sizes.

When to change Bike tyres of Tvs Sport?

Changing Sport tyre depends on how well the Bike has been maintained, driving style, road conditions etc. A new tyre can last anything between 25000 to 50000 kms on Indian roads.

Can we increase tyres size of Tvs Sport?

For a safe upgrade, the tyre size cannot be increased by more than three percent of the Bike's original total tyre diameter. Any difference of more than three percent is just not recommended. Sport comes fitted with 17 inch tyres, you can upsize it to 17 inches.

How to reduce tyre noise in Tvs Sport?

To reduce Sport tyre noise, drive at slower speeds and keep tyres fully inflated to the recommended air pressure for a quieter ride.

What is the correct tyre size for Tvs Sport?

The correct tyre size for Sport is 17. Also always keep in mind that the replacement tyres should be the same size, load index and speed rating specification as recommended by the vehicle or tyre manufacturer.

Can we change Tvs Sport tyres to tubeless?

It's ok to use tubeless and tube type on Sport as long as the patterns are the same. There are various tyre brands that offer tubeless and tube type tyres for Sport. Birla ROADMAXX BT R42, Michelin SIRAC STREET and Apollo ACTIZIP F3 are some of the best tyres for Sport.

What is the correct tyre pressure for a Tvs Sport?

The required Tyre Pressure for Sport front tyre is 25, and for rear tyre is 25.

Can I use bigger tyres for Sport?

You can put larger tyres on Sport but it won't improve handling. It will probably make it worse. The wider and heavier the tyres, the more inertia they'll have and the bigger contact patch will make the bike harder to turn. However, if you want to increase the tyre size of Sport, you can get it fitted with 17 inch tyre.

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