User Reviews for TVS Eurogrip Tyres

User Reviews for TVS Eurogrip Tyres
Based on 59 User reviews

User Reviews for TVS Eurogrip Tyres

  • Excellent Dry Grip

    I got rid of daily punctures when I replaced my Honda Unicorn's tyre with TVS  Eurogrip JUMBO, It is also very comfortable and grippy to ride on road and off road. It also offers excellent dry grip and water channeling.

    By vinay
    On: 2020-07-06 12:30:01
  • Better Grip

    For my Honda Unicorn, i am using TVS Eurogrip JUMBO Tyre for the last 6 months. i installed it for my bike, because it gives a comfortable ride. My old tyre gave me many problems in the village road. I was tired of that tyre. but when i got this tyre. everything is perfect. I got fully satisfied ride with this tyre.

    By neeranjan
    On: 2020-07-06 07:34:30
  • Superb Quality

    I was very irritated to my LML Freedom bike tyre noise. I couldn't get to concentrate on myself while driving. i replaced my tyre with TVS Eurogrip JUMBO. Trust me this tyre is superb quality. it makes my ride super smooth. This tyre gives the best performance in any roads. Over all Good experience with these tyres.

    By rishi
    On: 2020-07-02 10:21:16
  • Stable Drive with TVS Eurogrip JUMBO Tyre

    I am using this tyre from last 1.2 years. it perfectly works on village and city roads, It has Excellent grip, Stylish tread & Trusted Brand. It gives me very confident while driving on any roads. It is very much good tyre for both on- and off-road. I am fully satisfied with the quality of tyre.

    By nyak
    On: 2020-06-30 11:00:46
  • Better Performance & Tyre Grip

    I bought this tyre about 10 months ago, online. It has directional rugged block design that offers excellent dry grip and better water channelling, good cornering and stability while riding at high-speeds. I am happy with this tyre and found suitable for my vehicle. It has better grip.

    By naresh
    On: 2020-06-12 09:22:04
  • Excellent Grip

    I am using TVS Eurogrip JUMBO tyre for so long. its Bold, rugged block type pattern suited for all segments. Excellent grip in both on and off-road applications. The fuel economy is also enhanced. A peaceful, comfortable ride tops off its benefits.

    By ayush
    On: 2020-06-10 12:19:09

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