User Reviews for TVS Tyres
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User Reviews for TVS Tyres

  • Quality tyres

    My Bajaj Pulsar 200NS has TVS radial tyres. These tyres offer good grip. I have driven my bike extensively on these tyres. And I love them for what they offer. During my recent ride from Mumbai to Goa, only my bike was managing to lean in the corners of Chorla ghats, while my friends’ bikes were compromised in the tyre grip department. It is heartening to see a homegrown tyre manufacturer produce such high quality tyres for our vehicles. I plan to use TVS tyres in the future as well, just because of the confidence they inspire in me while riding in treacherous conditions. I do hope the company maintains its aggressive prices in the market, even in the long run.

    By vishnu
    On: 2019-05-17 03:26:07
  • The best control sealed with the TVS Tusker.

    The Tusker is among TVS's top radials, defining the quality that their products achieve. It affirms its success with a blend of all the best benefits one needs in a radial. Besides offering top notch handling, superior traction, best stability and good steering maneuverability, it also offers a lowered fuel consumption, and tops its benefits off with a quiet, comfortable as well as peaceful ride for its passengers.

    By sachin
    On: 2015-03-26 06:07:31
  • TVS Rambo The best of handling brought together.

    This Rambo tyre model is built for the sturdier roads capacity, and it achieves near perfection in its all rounded aim. It brings the best performance benefits, blending them with fuel efficiency. It has a superior traction to suit all surfaces, and grips the road even on slippery conditions. Comfort and peace are also guarded by this tyre, sealing it as one of the most successful and cleverly built products of TVS.

    By shekhar
    On: 2015-03-26 06:05:44
  • Smooth handling with the TVS PANCER.

    TVS is a well known brand for its vehicles, but it has a strong dominance in the tyre market as well. This model, the PANCER, is one of their higher end products. It brings the best of all elements together in one tyre. It has the best grip on all surfaces, a superior braking ability, a high grade handling, control, and a refined steering maneuverability. All of this together makes it best suited for performance, but at the same time, gives it the hold on safety and secure driving that is also much needed. Comfort, peace, and a better fuel economy are added benefits of this radial.

    By ritika kalia
    On: 2015-03-26 06:04:06
  • TVS Crusader A pioneer for strength on the roads.

    The Crusader is another of TVS's high grade products, and it keeps to the standard that TVS tyres have always reached. It brings the best of grip, braking, steering and handling together, making its ride the safest and most comfortable as well. Added benefits of this radial include an enhanced fuel efficiency and a quiet ride.

    By nikhil
    On: 2015-03-26 06:02:25
  • TVS Mega Star Plus brings a great handling and control altogether

    This is a model that means to upgrade all aspects of the bike. It makes for great control, with a high end grip, improved braking, tightened steering and the best stability possible. Also, it ensures that the handling is also made smoother and flexible, so that cornering is easier. It is raised with all road conditions in mind, and as a result, its wet performance is just as high grade, with the help of an excellent traction on wet grounds as well. Durability and strength are affirmed to the highest, so that the tread life lasts longer than most others. The fuel economy is also improved as a benefit of this radial. A quiet, peaceful ride with the best quality seals the ride experience that one is guaranteed with this radial.

    By nikhil
    On: 2015-03-20 02:05:34


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