Check Right Tyre Pressure For Your Car

Find ideal tyre pressure for your Car with our tyre pressure calculator. We have a complete list of Car models and their variants along with their recommended tyre pressure. Simply, choose the Car brand and model to view the necessary information.
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Benefits :

  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Smooth and safe ride
  • Tyres last long
  • Less pressure on the tyre side walls

Disadvantages Of Underinflation

  • Tyre becomes flatter
  • Tyre heats up more
  • Rolling resistance increases
  • Loss of steering precision & cornering stability

Disadvantages Of Overinflation

  • Tyre becomes stiff which leads to bumpy ride
  • Contact with road is reduced
  • Tyres get damaged more easily in potholes


  • The data recommended tyre pressure is collected from various sources.
  • Tyredekho/Cardekho takes no responsibility of its credibility.
  • Kindly refer your owner's manual for accurate data.


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