Yokohama Tyres A348 215/60 R16 95V

Yokohama A348

Tubeless tyre for Cars

  • 215/60 R16 95V
  • 5 Years
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This model comes in a standard 16 inch size. It is a summer wear, with a tread formation that endures the intense heat of hot summertime roads without deterioration. Its low profile is also conducive for controlled noise emissions and a better fuel economy.


1) Tread formation based on silica compound – Provides good traction on dry and wet terrains.
Benefits – All rounded performance.

2) Three circumferential grooves – Allow for swift water dispersion.
Benefits – Safer driving on wet conditions.

3) Reduced rolling resistance – Decreases energy consumption.
Benefits – Improved fuel economy, lower noise.


  • Width

    215 is the width in millimetres of the tyres cross section.

  • Aspect Ratio

    60 is the Aspect Ratio, it is the ratio of the sidewall height to the cross section width.

  • Construction

    Radial construction. R stands for radial-ply construction.

  • Rim

    16 inches, stands for the diameter of the wheel that the tyre is designed to fit.

  • Load Rating

    95 (690 kg) is the load index i.e. the maximum weight each tyre can carry at full speed.

  • Speed Rating

    V (240 kmph) is the speed rating i.e. the maximum speed for the tyre at full load.

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Upsize Options

Tyre upsize options for A348 215/60 R16 95V Tubeless
  • Size: 215/60 R16 95VType : Tubeless
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  • CEAT

    CEAT Tyres SecuraDrive 215/60 R16 Tubeless
    Price not available
    Size: 215/60 R16Type : Tubeless
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  • Size: 215/60 R16 95HType : Tubeless
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  • Size: 215/60 R16 95VType : Tubeless
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  • Size: 215/60 R16 95HType : Tubeless
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  • Size: 215/60 R16 95VType : Tubeless
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  • Size: 215/60 R16 95HType : Tubeless
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  • Size: 215/60 R16 95HType : Tubeless
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  • Size: 215/60 R16Type : Tubeless
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  • Ask our Tyre expert

    Kiran Kumarvia Google

    I have Waganor car, now the tyres got weak, so I thought of changing tyres which one u suggest and also let me know to put tubless or with tube.

    Hi Kiran,

    Please go for tubeless tyres. They offer great convenience and also improve handling.

    You should look at buying Michelin Energy XM2 tyres of Bridgestone Turanza AR20 for your WagonR. Both these tyres offer superb grip, handling and tread life. They both make use of Silica in their rubber compound. This increases grip levels over wet surfaces and enhance tyre life. But Michelin Energy XM2 would offer a more comfortable and quiet ride quality.  

    In case you want something cost-friendly, then go for MRF ZVTS. It offers confident wet and dry grip and a long tyre life, but is a bit noisy , especially at high speeds.

    Yokohama Earth-1 is also a very good tyre and delivers a great performance. It is also priced somewhere between MRF and Bridgestone/MIchelin. So, if you can afford to spend a bit more than MRF then you should go for this.



    Adam Gezginvia Facebook

    Which tire is good for Tata Xenon XT Tire size 235/70 R16 105 S. The veichele will be moving in rocks, jungeles, highways, extream offroads and everywhere. My present tires are getting cut on the side wall deu to sharp rocks
    Read More

    Hi Adam,

    Keeping your requirements in mind, I would suggest that you choose out of Yokohama Geolandar M/T+ or Maxxis MT-762 Bighorn.

    Both these tyres are of Mountain-Terrain type and hence offer exceptional traction over mucky, rocky and other extreme terrains.

    My personal recommendation would be Geolandar M/T+ considering the safety and brand reliability. however, even Maxxis would do the job.


    Ramit Anand

    Tyre Expert
    Ramit Anand

    Our Tyre expert answers all your tyre-related queries.

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