Tips To Keep Tyres In Good Shape During Lockdown

Published On 11-May-2021By TyreDekho Team

Here are 5 tips to keep your vehicle tyres in good shape during these ‘stay home’ periods.

Tips To Keep Tyres In Good Shape During Lockdown

Covid-19 pandemic has restricted the movement of non-essential daily movers, putting a halt on almost all types of vehicles. And any machine which is left unused for a long time would create a problem when restarted.

Tyres are one such essential component that needs to be cared for even during regular usage. With relatively less commute, tyre maintenance becomes all the more critical. If tyres are left stationary for an extended period, they can develop abnormalities such as deflation, vibration, resulting in reduced performance.

So, below are the important tips to make sure your vehicle stays in top condition as you wrestle the lockdown period.

Regular visual check

A regular check on your vehicle is the first thing you should be doing whether it's operative or in an idle state. Make sure you don’t leave any unwanted things such as stones, nails, bolts and other such penetrative objects stuck in the tread blocks.

Tips To Keep Tyres In Good Shape During Lockdown

Preventing flat tyre spots

If a vehicle remains stationary for a longer time, the tyres can develop flat spots or abnormal physical deformation on the place of contact with the ground. Without a doubt, this damages your tyres and you may be required to replace them soon. So, to prevent incurring this extra cost, drive or roll your vehicle forward or backward frequently to alter the weight distribution on the tyres. 

Tips To Keep Tyres In Good Shape During Lockdown

Secondly, over-inflate the tyres if necessary as it will reduce the risk of flat-spotting. But do check the tyre pressure and keep it under recommended levels.

Further, to minimize flat-spotting, try to keep your two-wheeler on the main stand to prevent the entire weight distribution on the tyres alone. For four-wheelers, if there is a jack stand available, elevate your car on that stand.

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Smart parking

While this may not be possible for all, the surface on which the vehicle is parked should be firm, dry, well-drained and clean. Avoid exposure to hot temperatures as direct sunlight can be bad for the rubber compound of the tyres. Failing to do this can reduce the air pressure quickly.

Don’t park your two- or four-wheeler in a damp or oil spill surface as it may get damaged due to industrial chemicals or solvents.

Nitrogen filling

Consider topping up the tyres with nitrogen gas as these tyres can sustain for an extended period as compared to standard air. So, do check whether your nearby petrol pump offers nitrogen filling.

Ensure optimum tread depth

In the case of passenger cars, the ideal tread depth should be at least 1.6mm. If the depth is below 1.6 or less than the wear indicator and air pressure level need to be checked thoroughly. For commercial vehicles with dual tyres, if the two tyres appear to be touching each other, it means tyre air pressure is not optimum. This phenomenon is known as dual touching and must be corrected immediately.

Remember, these tips are only meant for your tyres’ safety during the lockdown. If you are not healthy enough to perform these check-ups, ask someone to do it on your behalf. Follow Covid-19 guidelines to protect yourself and your family. Stay home stay safe.

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