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    Features: Circumferential grooves Solid center... 
  • Apollo ACTIZIP S1 Tyres
    Features:   Directional tread pattern Cont... 
  • Yokohama C DRIVE A539 Tyres
    Features: Revolutionary tread pattern Four dif... 

Tyre Buying Guide

Tips on how to choose the right tyre for your vehicle

Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car as they are the only connection....
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How to read a Tyre

Your tyre's sidewall contains all the data about your tyre.There are a series....
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What to consider while buying tyres online?

In this article, we will guide you on how to select new tyres for your vehicle....
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  • How Tyre Upsizing affects driving dynamics
    How Tyre Upsizing Affects Driving Dynamics

    We all love those wide tyres with tiny sidewall mounted ....

  • How tyre pressure affects driving on wet roads
    How Tyre Pressure Affects Driving on Wet Roads

    Most people realise that proper tyre pressure plays an i....

  • Read this to know how tyres and wheels are able to stay unscathed from almost all impacts
    Read This to Know How Tyres and Wheels are Able to Stay Unscathed from Almost All Impacts

    Tyres are one of the most abused components of any vehic....

  • Here's how automakers select tyres for their cars
    Here's How Automakers Select Tyres for Their Cars

    The current generation vehicles are pretty complicated pie....

  • Here's a lowdown on tyre cracking and how you can save your car's tyres
    Here's a Lowdown on Tyre Cracking and How You Can Save Your Car's Tyres

    Tyres are one of the most abused components of a vehicle....

  • Here's why you should be wary of diagonal tyre tread wear patttern
    Here's Why You Should Be Wary of Diagonal Tyre Tread Wear Patttern

    The most complex tyre problems are uneven wear patterns.....

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