User Reviews for Pirelli Tyres

User Reviews for Pirelli Tyres
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User Reviews for Pirelli Tyres

  • a true premium tyre maker

    I wanted good performance tyre for my Honda Accord, and when it comes to performance tyres, Pirelli is the brand that comes to mind. Without thinking twice, I purchased the Pirelli P6 for my car and for me, it is the best tyre that money can buy. It feels connected to the road no matter how friction-less the surface is, and it offers great confidence while cornering. Talking about the braking performance, I am sure this is the best that I can get. The variable pitching on tread helps in reducing the noise inside the cabin. I would surely recommend this tyre to everyone who wants a premium tyre for their car.

  • Not good as aspect

    Pirelli are a famous brand globally. To be blatantly honest, I purchased Pirelli tyres for my Honda City after becoming a huge fan of the Formula 1 motorsports series. Pirelli offers tyres for all cars fomotorspor this rts series. However, my experience with Pirelli tyres hasn’t been all that good. First up, the tyres aren’t available on a wide range of tyres shops in Bangalore. Secondly, I developed a few bubbles on the sidewall of two out of my tyres. T fourhe fact that these tyres costed me around Rs. 2,000 more than other brands makes this situation even worse. I like the grip and noise-free operation of the Pirelli tyres. But the sheer lack of durability makes them a nuisance in Indian road conditions.

    By vaibhav
    On: 2019-05-17 03:24:24
  • Pirelli SC2 DIABLO SUPER CORSA V2 A model that ensures excellent dry grip and handling.

    At present, Pirelli stands atop the list of major tyre making companies in the world. This firm has managed to climb the ladder of success by offering fine quality radials to its customer base, all across the world. The SC2 DIABLO SUPER CORSA V2 is one among the various models it has produced. It comes with an innovative tread pattern that offers a firm grip on all roads. It has the finest braking ability that lets a bike stop at shorter distances. This radial makes for an easy handling and gives good control over a vehicle. Besides these, it enables safe cornering and ensures stability is maintained all through the drive. Moreover, it minimizes the noise emissions, saves fuel and also boosts mileage. All in all, this durable tyre model gives a pleasure riding experience besides offering racing like performance.

    By chetan
    On: 2015-03-27 02:01:42
  • A firm grip guaranteed by the Pirelli XL P ZERO.

    One of the top most tyre companies available today is Pirelli, which specializes in constructing durable and high quality products. This particular model named XL P ZERO comes with an attractive tread pattern that lasts longer compared to other models. It provides an enhanced grip both on wet and dry roads. It ensures a vehicle remains stable at all times irrespective of road conditions. This radial is made with protection from uneven wear and has the ability of preventing aquaplaning. Furthermore, it offers a precise steering response and keeps a car under control even at high speeds and when taking turns. All in all, it is one of the finest tyre models from this brand that ensures maximum safety along with enhanced comfort.

    By sandhya suri
    On: 2015-03-23 06:44:42
  • Pirelli SCORPION ZERO ASIMMETRICO gives the best ride quality.

    Today, Pirelli has made a place for itself in the list of top tyre making firms in the world. This is one such brand, which is trusted and preferred by numerous customers over others. Among its various products, the SCORPION ZERO ASIMMETRICO is best suitable for pickups and SUVs. It comes with an aggressive tread design that gives a comfortable ride both on and off roads. This radial offers the finest braking performance by allowing shorter stopping distances besides ensuring safe cornering. A firm grip is maintained on wet and dry roads, while the steering response is also up to the mark. All in all, this tyre model gives a pleasurable driving experience by ensuring an enhanced safety.

    By sivadathan
    On: 2015-03-23 06:42:41
  • An impressive performance by the Pirelli SCORPION STR.

    The SCORPION STR blends the best of all benefits to its driver. It combines great performance with firm control. Grip is excellent, so that the vehicle is kept well grounded and stabilized always. The strength that the radial is made to possess allows it to take the beating of the roads and to endure with lasting quality. It brings an advancement in fuel benefits as well, and tops itself off with the assurance of a peaceful, comfortable ride all through the way. All put together, this radial makes a mark in the slate of its manufacturer, and in the entire industry as well.

    By arsh sharma
    On: 2015-03-23 06:39:22


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