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  • SecuraDrive
    205/60 R16
    • iconCar Tyre
    • iconTubeless
    • iconFuel Efficient
    • iconWet Grip
    View May Offers
  • Fuel Smarrt
    Fuel Smarrt
    165/80 R14 85T
    • iconCar Tyre
    • iconTubeless
    • iconFuel efficient
    • iconDry Grip
    View May Offers
  • Sturdo
    205/55 R16
    • iconCar Tyre
    • iconTubeless
    • iconFuel Efficient
    • iconWet Grip
    View May Offers
  • ZVTV
    185/65 R15 88T
    • iconCar Tyre
    • iconTubeless
    • iconWet Grip
    • iconDry Grip
    View May Offers
  • Milaze
    145 R12
    • iconCar Tyre
    • iconTubeless
    • iconFuel Efficient
    • iconWet Grip
    View May Offers
  • icon5
    Energy XM2
    Energy XM2
    165/70 R14 81T
    • iconCar Tyre
    • iconTubeless
    • iconHandling
    • iconWet Grip
    View May Offers
  • ZLX
    165/80 R14 85T
    • iconCar Tyre
    • iconTubeless
    • iconWet Grip
    • iconDry Grip
    View May Offers
  • icon5
    185/65 R15 88H
    • iconCar Tyre
    • iconTubeless
    • iconFuel efficient
    • iconHandling
    View May Offers

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User Reviews at TyreDekho

Why TyreDekho?

Tyredekho.com is India’s No.1 tyre site for comparing and selecting tyres. If you are planning to purchase tyres for your vehicle and want to know their features and benefits, then you have landed at the right place. It’s the most reliable platform to check out a variety of tyre patterns and rim sizes. It aims to offer customers the convenience of comparing and selecting tyres right from the comfort of their homes.

The platform lets you view detailed information about each tyre, including their specifications, speed rating, construction type, load capacity, load index, warranty, etc. Apart from searching the tyres by different brands and filtering them by prices, one can also compare the different patterns at the fingertips and get the most desired product out of the hundreds of models out there.

Further, you can read the reviews and comments of existing customers where they share real-world experiences with their tyres. The expert reviews also give their perspective on a particular product. From the leading domestic tyre manufacturers such as MRF, CEAT, Apollo, JK Tyre, and TVS Eurogrip, you can also choose between some of the world-renowned brands, including the likes of Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Continental, Metzeler, Pirelli, Yokohama, etc.

Tyres For Every vehicle

Tyredekho.com, with its tremendous expertise in the field of tyres, let buyers choose the right product from a wide range of two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and commercial vehicle tyres. The large online store allows customers to select the tyre right from budget to mid-range and premium products, as well as their preferred brand.

Besides, there is also the provision to browse the tyre by two-wheeler, car brand and model. This is one of the most convenient ways to find the right replacement tyre for your vehicle. Whether it is small cars like Maruti Alto, Maruti Celerio, Hyundai Santro, Tata Tiago and Renault Kwid, or premium hatchbacks such as Maruti Baleno, Maruti Swift, Maruti Wagon R, and Hyundai i20, tyredekho has products for all.

And from popular sedans such as Maruti DZire, Maruti Ciaz, Hyundai Aura, Honda Amaze, Honda City, and Hyundai Verna, you can also access the large tyre portfolio of in-demand SUVs, including Maruti Brezza, Hyundai Venue, Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Mahindra Scorpio and Mahindra Bolero, among others.

The platform provides hundreds of options available, right from street commuters such as Hero Splendor, Honda Shine, Bajaj CT 100, Bajaj Platina, and Bajaj Pulsar, to several tyre products for premium categories of motorcycles, including KTM 250, Honda Hornet, Yamaha FZS, TVS Apache, Royal Enfield and others.

And let’s not forget the tyres for popular scooters such as Honda Activa, Suzuki Access, Honda Dio, TVS Jupiter, etc., which are best in class and made for pure driving pleasure.

Check tyre price, tyre size & tyre pressure for your car and bike

Tyredekho.com gives you the best offers online to shop for the tyres of your bike, scooters, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The price is suitable for customers of all classes, right from the budget class, medium or premium. With all major brands and their hundreds of models under a single umbrella, it is easier to filter them by price and find the right tyre.

The wide range of tyres is available in numerous sizes and fitments, and the best way to find the right tyre size is available on the same website. Right on the home page, you can find the perfect tyre size for your bike, scooter and car just by selecting the car or bike model and the correct variant.

And apart from getting the right price and fitment, one can also get the correct tyre pressure for their vehicle, to get the optimum performance. All you need is to select the right make and model of your vehicle and get the ideal tyre pressure (psi) for the front and rear wheels of your vehicle.

Get all the tyre-related news & tyre care tips

Tyredekho is not just an e-commerce platform for business but also cares for its customers so that they remain up to date with every news coming from the tyre world. Our comprehensive knowledge portal monitors every relevant news in the automotive world and keeps the readers thoroughly informed about existing trends.

Besides gathering tyre news from every nook and corner of the world and delivering updates about the latest happenings, the portal also provides tyre care and maintenance tips to make the readers enlightened about the tyres of their vehicles. From wheel alignment to tyre rotation, replacement, and safe driving, we also thoroughly impart various aspects of tyres to the readers.

One of the best strategies in the modern day is to read, review and have a handful of information before buying anything. One of our crucial responsibilities is to provide a comprehensive tyre purchase guide to ensure that the customer should have a serious attitude towards choosing the best tyres for their vehicle, as the choice of tyre determines the quality of the ride.

Even knowing a few basics about a tyre can ease the selection process for a customer and extend the life of their crucial investment.

Connect with tyre dealers around you

Your search for car and bike tyre dealers near you ends at tyresdekho.com. The platform allows you to get the list of top dealers in your area. With more than 22,500 dealers across the country spread over 3500 cities, one can find a dealership in every nook and corner of India. In the same spirit, Tyredekho.com is continuously expanding its reach and customer service experience. The moment you search tyre stores near me or tyre shops near me, one of our associated dealers is likely to feature in the list.

Just by selecting the brand and the city name, you will see multiple dealers, which can be further narrowed down by entering the pin code. The list of authorised will appear in seconds with their complete contact information, their business hours and the type of tyres they deal in. All this information can help you navigate to get the best tyre deals.

Once you reach the tyre dealer near your location, the concerned business will contact you with their best offers. The online tyre store extends the promise of safety, quality and service and creates a happy buying experience for the consumers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to select the best tyre?

Choosing the right tyre for your vehicle can enhance overall performance. The process for selecting the best tyre involves a few easy steps. The first one is to check the right tyre size for your vehicle, the best way is to stick to the recommended size by the vehicle brand. The next move is to check what type of tyre you need tubeless or tube-type, they have their set of pros and cons

Further, checking the type of tread pattern such as conventional, uni-directional and asymmetric for the driving conditions on which they will be used will be helpful. High-quality rubber compound will enhance traction and facilitate slow wear. Lastly, one must go for a trustworthy brand, which provides a long-term warranty.

Which is the most popular car tyre brand in India?

There are several leading domestic and international tyre brands in India, including the likes of CEAT, JK Tyre, Apollo, Bridgestone, Michelin, Yokohama, Pirelli, etc., however, the MRF tops this list as it is currently the most popular brand in terms of production and sales.

With ten manufacturing plants in the country and a widespread sales network, the MRF has been at the forefront of selling a wide range of tyres for almost all types of passenger cars. The tyre maker has earned several awards and recognition, including customer satisfaction, highest export, most trusted company, etc., with the quality of its products.

Which is the most popular bike tyre brand in India?

India is the biggest two-wheeler market in the world, where a large section of the population uses this type of conveyance. Since it’s the biggest market, there are a plethora of tyre makers for bikes with some of the biggest names being CEAT, JK Tyre, Apollo, TVS Eurogrip, Maxxis, Michelin, Metzeler, Pirelli, etc. However, the most popular among them is MRF.

The MRF produces tyres for all types of bikes and applications right from daily city commutes to cruisers and racing. Some of the notable bike tyres from MRF, include Nylogrip Zapper, Master X, MOTO D series, RIB, REVZ C1, and Zapper Q, among others

Which is the most popular truck tyre brand in India?

The country is home to one of the largest industrial and commercial hubs in the world and for that purpose light to heavy-duty vehicles are deployed to provide smooth transportation. In the truck tyre segment, there are many tyre companies, such as CEAT, JK Tyre, Apollo, Aeolus, Falken, Hankook, Maxxis, Bridgestone, etc., providing quality products. However, the one that tops the list here is the MRF.

The MRF is the most popular truck tyre producer and manufactures products for small commercial vehicles (SCV), light commercial vehicles (LCV), and heavy-duty trucks, with some of the best tyre models being Super Lug-Fifty Plus-R, The Lug-Plus, MuscleRok-H, MuscleRok, Savari, Steel Master and Super Lug Fifty, among others.

Which are the best car tyres?

The country is one of the largest automotive market, and passenger cars hold a large chunk of space. The tyres for passenger cars are being produced for every class of buyers be it budget, mid-range or premium, everyone chooses the right tyre as per their budget and requirements.

In the hatchback segment, some of the noteworthy names are JK Tyre UX Royale, MRF ZVTS, CEAT Milaze X3, and Apollo Amazer. The best options in the premium hatchbacks, compact and mid-sized sedans are MRF ZVTV, CEAT SecuraDrive, Apollo Alnac 4G and Goodyear Triplemax, while for SUVs and luxury sedans the ideal tyres are MRF Wanderer A/T, Bridgestone B290, Michelin Primacy 4ST, and Pirelli Scorpion ATR.

Which are the best bike tyres?

Bikes are the most significant and most consumed vehicles in the Indian market and equally important is the right tyre selection, as the performance will depend a lot on the build quality. We must ensure the ideal tyre should meet the requirements of excellent grip, handling, braking, fuel efficiency and durability.

Some of the best bike tyre models available in the market that are considered for ideal city commuting, include MRF Nylogrip Plus, Apollo ActiGrip R2, JK Tyre Smart Blaze BF33, CEAT Secura ZOOM F and Michelin City Pro. For mid-range and performance-oriented bikes, the best options you can have are MRF Zapper Q, JK Tyre, Smart Blaze RYDR BR43, Michelin Pilot Sporty, Metzeler Sportec M7 and Pirelli Angel City, among others.

Which are the best truck tyres?

Trucks and other such heavy-duty transporters play a vital role in transporting heavy cargo and hundreds of passengers through the toughest of Indian roads and strenuous long-distance journeys. Hence, the tyres for these vehicles should be robust and durable for maximum comfort, and safety and to reduce the running cost.

The best tyres for trucks and buses which are also high on fuel efficiency and endurance are JK Jet R Xtra Miles, JK STEEL KING, MRF MUSCLEROK, Apollo ENDUTMRACE RA and CEAT WINMILE D. Where MRF MUSCLEROK and JK Steel King are popular in the cargo and logistic segment, the JK Jet R Xtra Miles is ideal for tipper and dumper placing.

Apollo ENDUTMRACE RA, on the other hand, fulfils the requirements of low operational cost while CEAT WINMILE D is an ideal option for medium and long-haul trucks on highways.

Which is the best tube or tubeless tyres?

Tube-type and tubeless tyres are different in design, with each suitable for different classes of buyers. The tube-type tyres are made up of soft rubber compounds, provide superior grip and are cost-effective as one needs to replace only the tube inside the tyre. However, tube-type tyres are highly vulnerable to punctures and are prone to tyre bursts due to deflation and can quickly go flat in case of a puncture.

Tubeless tyres, on the other hand, are increasingly becoming the priority of the majority of manufacturers as they are less prone to punctures, high on fuel efficiency, and can be driven long-distance with a puncture. However, if the tubeless tyres go flat, the cost of repair is heavy, in fact, such tyres need complete replacement.

Nitrogen vs air. Which is Better?

Both these air types play a significant role in tyre wearing and maintenance. While the majority of the population is still unaware of nitrogen gas and won't even easily find it nearby their place, natural or regular air, on the other hand, is freely available at every gas station or petrol pump.

Nitrogen is best for racing cars and high road grip and also shines when it comes to loss of inflation pressure. However, nitrogen comes at a cost, and the infrastructure is still in the nascent stages. While Nitrogen does have some advantages over normal air, the average driver will not gain much in day-to-day driving.

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