User Reviews for JK Tyres
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User Reviews for JK Tyres

  • strong enough to handle Indian road conditions

    JK Tyres is one of the most famous names in the tyre industry in India. This is primarily thanks to the various motorsports series that the company sponsors or is a partner of. Moreover, being an Indian brand, the company enjoys a soft corner in the hearts of customers. My first experience with JK Tyres was last year, when I upsized my Maruti Baleno’s wheels to 16-inches. I have driven for close to 8,000 kms since the upgrade. The experience with JK Tyres has been quite satisfactory. They are strong enough to handle Indian road conditions and also provide good isolation from road undulations. I have experienced a strange phenomenon, however. The rear left tyre keeps on leaking air somehow. I have got the entire tyre checked, including the air valve. Despite all these efforts, every time I go to an air pump, the rear left tyre’s pressure is at least 3-4 PSI less than that in the other three tyres.

    By sachin saini
    On: 2019-05-17 03:19:11
  • JK Tyres Ultima XPC a pionoeer for control and handling

    This radial is another great product from JK Tyres. It affirms a great control, with the help of a smooth handling and a tight steering. Braking and cornering are improved. Balance and stability hold the car down at all speeds, ensuring that performance is always coupled with top grade safety. The fuel economy is also improved, and the ride quality is fulfilled with a promise of peace and comfort.

    By chetan
    On: 2015-03-20 12:00:06
  • JK tyres Elanzo a great steering assured.

    The Elanzo is a great radial from JK Tyres. It manages to bring a blend of performance and safety, and does not leave out on ride quality as well. The tread design is sophisticated in its format, and it manages to mix all different benefits a radial could be wired with. Firm grip, improved braking, an enhanced steering, a low rolling resistance, and a comfortable ride are all combined benefits of this radial, and the fuel economy is not left out either.

    By amlan bhattacharya
    On: 2015-03-16 06:13:22
  • JK tyres Elanzo NXT brings firm handling

    The Elanzo NXT has registered as one of the best radial models to hit the shelves. It is supported by high grade benefits that include a great control, precise steering, hardened grip and improved braking. It offers stability and balance to secure the car at all speeds. Cruising at high speeds is enabled with confidence, and turning is made easier and smoother. The engineering of the radial incorporates the firmest build for enduring all the roughness of the streets. The fuel economy is improved, and a quiet ride is guaranteed. Altogether, this is a product of the best quality.

    By mukesh
    On: 2015-03-16 06:08:37
  • JK tyres Elanzo Crusero affirms a great control always.

    The range of tyres from an acclaimed company are sure to bask in the best of benefits. This is a model that brings a firm grip on all surfaces. It endures all road conditions to deliver top notch performance. Braking and handling are made smooth and easier. Cornering is aided with confidence and stability. The car is pinned down with balance all through the drive, so that high speed driving is made easier. The best steering response brings a far better hold for the vehicle. It is engineered for a high durability, made to withstand the beating of the street and to keep its quality guarded. A better fuel economy is guaranteed, and the ride quality is held to its highest with peace and comfort.

    By arsh sharma
    On: 2015-03-16 06:06:47
  • JK tyres Brute 4x4 brings the best handling

    The Brute 4x4 is another manifestation of JK tyres great engineering. This is a radial that is able to secure the best of all benefits, bringing the world to the feet of its driver. It has a high grade grip that suits all road conditions and surfaces, keeping the vehicle grounded always. An enhanced braking makes turning smoother and easier. The best steering response further raises controls, allowing the driver to steer through turns with confidence and ease. The fuel economy is also improved as a benefit of the radial, which maintains a low rolling pressure. Further, a quiet and comfortable ride is assured, with controlled noise emission. Altogether, this is a tyre model that sets the entire industry to a new scale.

    By sivadathan
    On: 2015-03-11 06:45:08


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