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JK Tyres produces a wide range of Bike, Car, Tractor and Truck tyres. At TyreDekho, we have 24 different JK Bike Tyres models, 21 different JK Car Tyres models, 12 different JK Tractor Tyres models and 24 different JK Truck Tyres models. The tyremaker offers 82 different sizes of bike tyres, 145 different sizes of car tyres, 39 different sizes of tractor tyres and 61 different sizes of truck tyres. Most Popular Bike, Car, Tractor and Truck tyre models from JK Tyres includes JK Challenger R45 and JK Challenger R43, JK UX ROYALE and JK Taximax, JK SONA H/F TRACTOR FRONT (BIAS) and JK ADV(ANIMAL DRIVEN VEHICLE) and JK STEEL KING and JK Jet R Xtra Miles. Select a JK tyre to find out its latest price, specifications, images and more. Also, compare with other tyre brands like CEAT, MRF, Apollo and Bridgestone. Find best tyres from over 2027 dealers across 3567 cities in India.

JK Tyres Price List

UX ROYALERs.3,850 - 7,499
TaximaxRs.2,350 - 4,110
Challenger R45Rs.795 - 2,195
Ranger A/TRs.7,611 - 8,609
Ranger H/TRs.5,530 - 12,179
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JK Tyre Price

Rs3,850 - 7,499
  • iconCar Tyre
  • iconTubeless
  • iconHandling
  • iconWet Grip
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UX ROYALE Variants
  • JK UX ROYALE 215/60 R16 95V
  • JK UX ROYALE 195/65 R15 91V
  • JK UX ROYALE 175/65 R14 82H
  • JK UX ROYALE 205/55 R16 91V
  • JK UX ROYALE 215/60 R17 96H
  • JK UX ROYALE 205/65 R16 95H
  • JK UX ROYALE 195/55 R16 87V
  • JK UX ROYALE 165/80 R14 85T
  • JK UX ROYALE 215/60 R16
  • JK UX ROYALE 205/60 R16
  • JK UX ROYALE 205/55 R16
  • JK UX ROYALE 205/65 R15
  • JK UX ROYALE 195/65 R15
  • JK UX ROYALE 185/65 R15
  • JK UX ROYALE 175/65 R15
  • JK UX ROYALE 185/70 R14
  • JK UX ROYALE 175/70 R14
  • JK UX ROYALE 175/65 R14
Rs2,350 - 4,110
  • iconCar Tyre
  • iconTubeless
  • iconFuel Efficient
  • iconWet Grip
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Taximax Variants
  • JK Taximax 175/65 R14
  • JK Taximax 165/80 R14
  • JK Taximax 185/70 R14 88T
  • JK Taximax 185/65 R15 88H
  • JK Taximax 185/60 R15 84T
  • JK Taximax 165/65 R14 79T
  • JK Taximax 155/80 R13 79T
  • JK Taximax 145/80 R13 75S
Challenger R45
Challenger R45
Rs795 - 2,195
  • iconBike Tyre
  • iconTube
  • iconFuel Efficient
  • iconWet Grip
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Challenger R45 Variants
  • JK Challenger R45 2.50/R16
  • JK Challenger R45 100/90 R17
Ranger A/T
Ranger A/T
Rs7,611 - 8,609
  • iconCar Tyre
  • iconTubeless
  • iconLow noise
  • iconWet Grip
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Ranger A/T Variants
  • JK Ranger A/T 235/70 R16
  • JK Ranger A/T 215/75 R15
Ranger H/T
Ranger H/T
Rs5,530 - 12,179
  • iconCar Tyre
  • iconTubeless
  • iconHandling
  • iconWet Grip
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Ranger H/T Variants
  • JK Ranger H/T 235/70 R16 105H
  • JK Ranger H/T 215/75 R15 100S
  • JK Ranger H/T 265/65 R17 112H
  • JK Ranger H/T 265/70 R16 111T
  • JK Ranger H/T 235/75 R15 105T
  • JK Ranger H/T 215/75 R16 101T
  • JK Ranger H/T 215/60 R17 96H
  • JK Ranger H/T 265/65 R17
  • JK Ranger H/T 225/65 R17
  • JK Ranger H/T 235/65 R17
  • JK Ranger H/T 205/60 R16
  • JK Ranger H/T 235/70 R16
  • JK Ranger H/T 215/65 R16
  • JK Ranger H/T 215/75 R15
Ultima Neo
Ultima Neo
Rs2,390 - 4,041
  • iconCar Tyre
  • iconTubeless
  • iconFuel efficient
  • iconWet Grip
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Ultima Neo Variants
  • JK Ultima Neo 155/65 R13 73T
  • JK Ultima Neo 155/65 R14 75T
  • JK Ultima Neo 145/80 R13 75S
  • JK Ultima Neo 185/70 R13 86H
  • JK Ultima Neo 175/70 R13 82T
  • JK Ultima Neo 165/70 R13 79H
  • JK Ultima Neo 155/80 R13 79T
  • JK Ultima Neo 155/65 R14 79T
  • JK Ultima Neo 155/65 R13
  • JK Ultima Neo 155/70 R13
  • JK Ultima Neo 145/80 R13
  • JK Ultima Neo 145/80 R12
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Rs2,910 - 7,877
  • iconCar Tyre
  • iconTubeless
  • iconWet Grip
  • iconDry Grip
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Vectra Variants
  • JK Vectra 165/70 R14 77T
  • JK Vectra 195/65 R15 88H
  • JK Vectra 155/70 R14
  • JK Vectra 175/65 R14 82T
  • JK Vectra 155/70 R14 77T
  • JK Vectra 185/65 R15 88T
  • JK Vectra 185/60 R15 84T
  • JK Vectra 185/70 R14 88T
  • JK Vectra 175/65 R14
  • JK Vectra 165/70 R14
  • JK Vectra 175/70 R14 84T
  • JK Vectra 155/80 R13 79S
  • JK Vectra 205/60 R16 92V
  • JK Vectra 195/55 R16
  • JK Vectra 195/65 R15 91H
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  • iconTruck Tyre
  • iconFuel Efficient
  • iconWet Grip
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  • JK STEEL KING 7.00-R16
    Rs.Price Coming Soon*
  • JK STEEL KING 7.00-R15
    Rs.Price Coming Soon*
  • JK STEEL KING 215/75 R15
    Rs.Price Coming Soon*
  • JK STEEL KING 215 R14 C
    Rs.Price Coming Soon*
Jet R Xtra Miles
Jet R Xtra Miles
Price Coming Soon
  • iconTruck Tyre
  • iconFuel Efficient
  • iconWet Grip
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Jet R Xtra Miles Variants
  • JK Jet R Xtra Miles 8.25-16
    Rs.Price Coming Soon*
  • JK Jet R Xtra Miles 8.25-20
    Rs.Price Coming Soon*
  • JK Jet R Xtra Miles 9.00-20
    Rs.Price Coming Soon*
  • JK Jet R Xtra Miles 10.00-20
    Rs.Price Coming Soon*

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About JK

Origin and Expansion

JK Tyre & Industries Limited finds itself among the top-notch tyre manufacturers in the country. A part of the JK Organisation conglomerate, JK Tyre is one of India’s oldest tyre makers and features in the list of top 25 tyre manufacturers worldwide. The name JK is derived from the initials of its founders – Lala Juggilal and his son Lala Kamlapat Singhania – who instituted the JK Organisation.

The Delhi-headquartered tyre firm was first to introduce radial tyre in 1977 and holds a massive market share in the Truck Bus Radial (TBR) segment. JK Tyre had been instrumental in developing modern tyres for agricultural and OTR applications. In 2019, the company recorded its name in the Limca Book of Records for manufacturing the country’s largest off-the-road tyre christened VEM 045.

JK Tyre pioneered radial tyres and went on to become the first Indian tyre manufacturer to develop radial tyres for the entire range of vehicles that comprise truck/bus, LCV, passenger cars, SUVs, MUVs and tractors. When it comes to innovation and expertise, JK Tyre has been a torchbearer for the tyre industry in India. It introduced the country’s first ‘Smart Tyre’ tech and offered Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) through TREEL Sensors, which examined vital stats of the tyre such as air pressure and temperature.

In 1977, JK began manufacturing tyres, tubes and mud-flaps with a capacity of 0.5 million tyres per year. The production grew manifold over the span of four decades. The current capacity of its 12 manufacturing units spread across India and Mexico consists of about 35 million tyres per year.

Owing to the excellence in every tyre segment, JK Tyre has been the popular choice of two-wheeler, four-wheeler, and other segment Original Equipment manufacturers. The list of OE partners of JK Tyre includes biggies like Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra & Mahindra, Volvo Eicher, Volkswagen, Fiat, Nissan, and TAFE.

R&D Facilities

Situated in the middle of Mysore city, Raghupati Singhania Center of Excellence is a state of the art facility. Another is HASETRI (Hari Shankar Singhania Elastomer and Tyre Research Institute), which is an Independent Research Institute that specializes in the Elastomer Research and Tyre Engineering. This is followed by the JK Tech Centre. This centre deals in catering to the demands of the market and consumer needs. It takes care of the design, development and validation of the tyre products from every domain and category.


  • JK Tyre Mysore Plant is a recipient of the ‘Golden Peacock Environment Award’
  • Excellent Energy Efficient Unit for JK Tyre Chennai Plant
  • National Water Award for JK Tyre Plant, Kankroli
  • Recognized as the Iconic Brand of India 2020 by The Economic Times
  • Recognized as Trusted Brand 2020, by Readers Digest
  • Digital Marketing for the Smart Tyre campaign at the 9th Global Customer Engagement Award 2020 (Asian Customer Engagement Forum)
  • Kankroli Tyre Plant awarded with Golden Peacock Award for Energy Efficiency
  • Icon of Indigenous Excellence by Economic Times
  • Trusted Brand Award in the Gold category by Readers Digest 2016
  • Awarded as Best Market Campaign for Rural Brand Development in 2018
  • Won the Extraordinary Brand award at the Brand Vision Summit 2017-18
  • Got Employer Branding Award for Talent Management in 2008
  • Golden Peacock Environment Award by World Environment Foundation, UK
  • National Award for Excellence in Water Management by CII-GBC, Hyderabad
  • Ranked Highest in JD Power Tyre Customer Satisfaction in Original Tyres 2009
  • Export Excellence Award 2009, Federation of Karnataka, Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Capexil ‘Top Export Award’ for the year 2008-09
  • Awarded the Fifth Social and Corporate Governance award 2010
  • Certificate of Vendor Performance and Appreciation from the Secretary Labour, Government of India
  • National Energy Conservation Award
  • Rajasthan Energy Conservation and CII Water Management Award in 2009
  • Global HR Excellence Award, 2010
  • Asia’s Best Employer Award for Excellence in Training
  • National Award for Excellence in Energy Management, 2010
  • Corporate Icon of the year by IIPM Power Brand awarded to Dr Raghupati Singhania
  • Award for "Organisation with Innovative HR Practices" by Asia Pacific HRM Congress

Passenger Car Tyre

The passenger car tyre segment comprises tyres for hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. Some of the popular passenger car tyre patterns include the likes of JK Brute 4x4, JK UX Royale, JK UX1, JK Elanzo Touring, JK Ultima, JK Vectra, JK Ultima Sport, JK Taximax, JK Ranger A/T, JK Ranger H/T and many others. JK car tyres offer high tread life and maximum value for their money against other players in the segment.

Motorcycle and Scooter Tyre

The tyres for the bikes and scooters offer optimum value, apt handling and excellent longevity. The two-wheeler tyre range from JK Tyre consist of JK Blaze BA21, JK Blaze BF11, JK Blaze BR11, JK Challenger F81, JK Challenger S61, JK Challenger S63, JK Challenger R43 and others.

Truck Tyre

The two popular truck and the other off-the-road tyres include Jet R Miles, Jet Xtra XLM, JK Jet Xtra Load, JK Jet Tuff DX, JK Jet Rock Xtra and others. Moreover, the tractor tyre range comprises JK Rib Star TRL, JK Jet Lug Star and many more.

Manufacturing facilities in India and abroad

The production units of JK Tyre are scattered across the nation in Banmore, (Madhya Pradesh), Kankroli (Rajasthan), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), alongside 3-3 plants in Mysore (Karnataka) and Haridwar (Uttarakhand).

Strengthening the international reach, JK Tyre owns and operates three plants of the Tornel brand in Mexico. JK Tyre took over Tornel in 2008. All the manufacturing plants are equipped with high-end tech and advanced manufacturing components.

JK Tyre Sales Network

JK Tyre marks its sales network presence in 105 countries with 180+ distributors globally. The company also possesses a solid network of more than 4000 dealers and 500+ dedicated brand shops known as Steel Wheels and Xpress Wheels in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions on JK

What is the durability of JK tyres?

Average life of JK tyre depends on how well the vehicle has been maintained, driving style, road conditions etc. It also depends on the kind of vehicle you are driving. Car (40,000 to 50,000 KM), Bike (40,000 to 50,000 KM) and Truck (50,000 to 60,000 km)

Which is the popular JK tyre?

UX ROYALE , Taximax , Challenger R45 , Ranger A/T and Ranger H/T are some of the most popular tyres. Available in different sizes, these tyres are ideal for your vehicle.

Which JK tyre is best for Mileage?

UX ROYALE , Taximax , Challenger R45 , Ranger A/T and Ranger H/T are some of the best tyres for high mileage.

How good are JK tyres?

JK tyres are long-lasting, offer excellent road grip, and are quiet and comfortable.

What is the starting price of the JK tyre?

Starting price for JK tyre is 795 for the Challenger R45

How safe is it to use a JK tyre?

All JK tyres are safe to drive in the conditions they are intended for.

How many tyre types are there for JK Tyres?

There are around 175 tubeless and 173 tube type tyres available for JK tyres.

What is the lowest and highest priced tyre in JK?

Priced at 795 JK Challenger R45 is the cheapest tyre, while the most expensive tyre is JK Elanzo NXT, which is priced at 13250.

Which is the cheapest JK tyre?

Priced at 795 JK Challenger R45 is the cheapest tyre.

How do I claim my JK TYRE Warranty?

All the warranty claims will be routed through OEMs/OEM's Dealer and JK tyre authorised dealers. The customer will have to show the physical tyre and provide the warranty registration number.

How do I get a JK TYRE dealership?

To own a JK Tyre dealership, you will need to directly contact the tyre company and tell them you are interested in becoming a dealer. You can contact the tyre company through their Website > Contact Us page. They will then evaluate you and either accept or reject you.

How do I find the manufacturing date of My JK TYRE?

Every tyre has an imprinted alphanumeric DOT code where the last four numbers on one side of the sidewall represent its manufacturing year. The first two digits of the four numbers denote the week of manufacturing while the latter two represent the year. For instance, a DOT code on a random tyre is DOT 6l Y5 006X 2118. The last four digits – 2118 – represent the manufacturing period of the tyre; 21 is the number of weeks and 18 is the manufacturing year. So this tyre rolled out between May 21, 2018 and May 27, 2018 (21st week of 2018).
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Recently Asked User Questions About JK Tyre

  • raj v patil asked 22-Feb-2024 08:50:08
    Now I m using bridstone L607 175R14 tyre tube for my Toyota qualise, now this is not available, so please suggest me which tyre I use

    Toyota Qualis can fitted with two recommended tyre sizes i.e. 195/70 R14 and 175/65 R15. You can pick any size between the two, as per your accessibility and availability near you. For these tyre sizes, you can pick tyre patterns between Apollo Amazer, JK Ultima and Yokohama Earth-1 E400.

    Answered 26-Feb-2024 14:58:37
  • sreedutt v asked 15-Feb-2024 01:38:03
    Which is the most comfortable and durable tyre among Ceat, JK tyre and apollo

    You can choose Apollo for better comfort and durability over CEAT and JK Tyre.

    Answered 23-Feb-2024 15:46:05
  • sumit goyal asked 02-Feb-2024 15:26:53
    My car is Baleno, size 195/55/R16. Which tyre is good jk tyre, ceat, Apollo ?

    For Maruti Baleno, among JK, CEAT and Apollo, you can opt for Apollo (Alnac 4G). Apollo is better equipped in terms of advance features and offer pliant drive quality.

    Answered 16-Feb-2024 13:24:35
  • rakesh kumar asked 10-Jan-2024 18:33:39
    My tubeless tyre (rear, 80 100 18) of new Hero glamour model has pinned by a nail & damage from side, so 2-3 puncturewala advised to change tyre. Which tyre company is best ?

    The puncture repair experts have suggested you right. You can choose tyre patterns between JK Blaze, MRF Zapper, and Michelin City Pro.

    Answered 16-Jan-2024 12:01:17
  • central operations asked 09-Jan-2024 17:51:11
    best tyre for pulsar 150td

    For Bajaj Pulsar 150, you can pick tyre patterns between JK Blaze, CEAT Gripp X3, and Michelin City Pro.

    Answered 16-Jan-2024 11:58:20
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