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Mohan Kumarvia Facebook

Ramit, I am using a Honda diesel City 2014 with 175 65 R15 84T on original stock non-alloy rim. The good year tyre has worn out in less than 28000kms and the front tyres are bald totally. Honda did not do tyre rotation at all, which I also not knew since i am not an expert in this domain. Now, I need to change the tyres for the good... Honda SA tell me that i can only go for stock specs of 175 65 R15 84T where as I have seen some of the Honda idtec diesel 2014 SV models have replaced to 185 65 R15, which I also want to ... ( but the honda SA says this will affect some thing like the axle pin or EPS or some tech stuff... ) please advise as it is due today. and i would request your answer even in my whatsapp 9840401304

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Hello Mohan,

 Upsizing is a very common practice and if done correctly, has no side-effects. On the contrary, it helps you get better traction and more effective braking. You can very well go for 185/65 R15 84T as it is a valid upsize.

And if the stock Goodyear tyres haven't performed up to your expectations then you can go for other brands as well. Honda uses Bridgestone tyres also for OEM.  You can go for Bridgestone B290.

In fact, many Honda vehicles come equipped with Michelin Tyres also. So, you not necessarily have to stick to the stock specs. 

The usual trade off in upsizing is that the steering feels heavy, fuel efficiency drops and handling loses its precision. But this happens only when the upsize is not valid or the tyres are very wide. In your case, the increment is only of 10mm in width, nothing big.

And the stock Goodyear Assurance tyres are not bad, so, they shouldn't have worn out so easily. This time when you get new tyres make sure you get wheels properly balanced and tyres aligned.

Also, make it a habit of rotating tyres after every 5000 kms. This way, you will be able to extract mazimum tread life out of each tyre.


Ramit Anand



Saravana Babuvia Google

I am having Tata Zest XMA 1.3 90PS Quadrajet Diesel car. And here is a challenge, Today I encountered one of my front tyre went flat due to puncture in the side thread area, and the local puncture guy told me this can't be fixed and I have to change the whole tyre. For time being I have replace it with my stepney which is a tube tyre with stell rim. Rest all my four tyres (including the one got flat) are alloy wheels. Mine is OEM Bridgestone 185/60 R15 84T B250. Should I replace my flat one with the same as the other one in the front ? Thanks S.Babu

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Hello Saravana,

Seems like the puncture is in the sidewall and apparently any damage to sidewall is irrepairable and calls for a replacement. However, if the puncture isn't very major and if you do not want to replace the tyre immediately then you can go for a Mushroom-Puncture repair. But keep in mind that this will offer only a short term respite and soon you would have to replace the tyre anyway.

Since only one is damaged, it is best that you replace it with Bridgestone B250 only, in the same specs and size as the stock one. 


Ramit Anand

Manish Jainvia Facebook

I drive a Hyundai Grand i10 2014 model. Currently i'm facing a problem where in my car alignment is not correct and the car runs towards the left. On showing the same to a technician, he suggested that it is not because of alignment but because your tyres are worn out (Car Mileage- 49500kms). Now i'm confused if he's trying to sell his product or is it genuinely because of that. The tyres do not look so worn out that they need replacement. Please suggest what should be done. Also, in case the tyre needs to be changed, which company would you recommend. Also, the current size of tyre is 165/65 R14. should i use the same configuration and what would be the difference if i use a 165/70 R14 tyre. Thanks

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Hi Manish,

Well, mostly tyres usually run good for about 40,000-45,000 kms. However, if maintained properly, they could offer better mileage. So, the best way to assess if your tyres are worn out is to check if the tread depth on them is more than 1.6mm or not. If not, then the tyres need replacement for they are worn-out.

Vehicle pulling towards one direction is usually a symptom of faulty wheel alignment, but if the front tyres haven't worn out evenly i,e one more worn out then the other, then the car may start drifting to one side. 

If the tyres have enough depth and the tyres seem to have worn out evenly, then there is some other problem which needs further inspection from a good service centre.

In case of tyre change, you will have to replace at least 2 tyres ( although replacing all 4 would be best from a safety and performance view point ). 

You can use 165/70 R14 tyre, but this would have more sidewall height.  While over a normal usage it wouldn't make much of a difference, over high ways or at high speeds the vehicluar stability may not remain precise. So, it is best that you use 165/65 R14.

If you want tyres that offer good grip, decent handling and long tread life, then go for MRF ZVTV. However, these tyres are a bit noisy, especially over highways.

A better option would be Yokohama Earth-1 tyre. It comes with a silica based compound for superior wet and dry traction and offers good comfort.

A top of the line option, however, would be Michelin Energy XM2. It delivers excellent performance over wet and dry surfaces and the ride quality is very comfortable.


Ramit Anand

Prashant Joshivia Google

Can you please recommend me tyre for my SX4 ZXI Automatic. I need better fuel performance, quiet ride and less braking distance

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Hello Prashant,

Keeping your requirements in mind, I would suggest that you go for Michelin primacy 3 ST. This tyre offers superior traction, excellent handling, a very comfortable ride quality and  reduced braking distance for high safety, especially on wet roads. The tread life on this tyre is very good as well.


Ramit Anand

avi kashyapvia Google

sir which one is best tyre michellin pilot street 150/70/17 or mrf masseter

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Hello Avi,

Clearly MRF Masseter is a better performing tyre out of the two. It has been specially designed for powerful motorcycles to deliver that power confidently on the tarmac. 

It is made of a very sticky rubber compound that offers superior grip and lean angles and precise handling ans effective braking. But the downside is that since it is a high performance tyre, it will not offer a very long tyre life unlike other conventional tyres. 

But if tread life is not your priority then Masseter is a very good tyre.


Ramit Anand

Creative Creativevia Google

i need to broad my wagon r lxi 2010 model tyre, please recommend which is the best company and best tyre for it.

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If you want to retain 13" rims, then you can go for following upsizes:

  • 175/70 R13
  • 155/80 R13

Out of these, I would recommend 155/80 R13 as it will offer better grip and will not hamper handling.

In case you want to upsize to 14" rims, then you can go for 165/65 R14 or 155/70 R14.

As for the tyre recommendations, MRF ZVTS will last a long time and are also very affordable. Many compact cars come with these tyres from the factory.

Spending a little more for the Bridgestone B290 will give you better grip and much less road noise.

These Bridgestone Turanzas are the cream, though. They are extremely quiet and the grip on wet roads is exceptional. As expected, the price is also on the higher side.

My personal recommendation would be the B290 as it offers a fantastic balance of grip, road noise and aren't that pricey either.


Deep Solankivia Google

I've Toyota fortuner 4x4 MT and I need to buy set of new tyres so can you tell me which brand and what size is most preferrable.

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Hello Deep,

If you use your Fortuner almost always on well-paved roads then you can go for Bridgestone Dueler H/L 683 tyres. They offer good comfort, traction and handling.

In case you want something better for highway use then Continental ContiCrossContact LX-2 would be a very good tyre.

However, if you usage is inclined towards off-roading as well , then go for Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S. It offers good grip over all surfaces and precise handling- it is indeed a very good all-terrain tyre.

In case you want something top of the line then Continental ContiCrossContact AT would be a pretty good tyre, suitable for off-road as well as on-road usage.


Ramit Anand

Nirmalya Chatterjeevia Google


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Hello Nirmalya,

If you want tyres that offer decent performance but have longer tread life, then MRF ZV2K would be a good option. The downside is that these tyres are a bit noisy, especially at high speeds.

In case you want something better, then Yokohama Earth-1 would be a very good option. Not only are these tyres reasonably priced, but they also offer great traction, comfort and handling. Even the tread life is quite good.

However, if you want something top of the line, then go for Michelin Energy XM2 or Bridgestone Turanza AR20. 

Both these tyres offer superior traction, excellent handling and a very comfortable ride quality. While Bridgestone is more durable on rough roads, Michelin tyres offer better ride comfort and enhanced tyre life.



Manchal Goelvia Google

Which Tyre should I choose for my Alto k10, and how to ensure their life

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Hello Manchal,

If you want tyres that are top of the line in terms of performance, comfort and life, then go for Bridgestone Turanza AR20 or Michelin Energy XM2 tyres. These tyres are the best in terms of grip , comfort and ride quality.

Michelin offers better ride quality than Bridgestone. So, if ride comfort is your priority then go for Michelin Energy XM2.

In case you are looking at economical options then go for MRF ZV2K.

The simplest way to maintain the tyres is to keep them properly inflated at all times. Under or over inflated tyres wear out relatively quickly and do not offer good performance.

Also, it is in your best interest to ensure the tyres are properly aligned and that the wheels are properly balanced. These ensure maximum tread life.

 Make it a point to rotate tyres after every 5,000 kms. This ensures that all tyres wear uniformly so that you can  extract maximum tread life from every tyre. Tyredekho recommends 5 tyre rotation pattern, wherein the spare tyre is also be actively used.


anil ghotekarvia Google

Want to buy a set of 4 tyres for Maruti Swift Dzire VDI.Mostly used in Rural area.

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Hello Anil,

Since the usage would be in rural areas, I would suggest that you go for Goodyear Assurance Duraplus tyres. These tyres come with DuPont Kevlar technology, which makes these tyres very durable against cuts and abrasions. Their traction level is also quite good, and the comfort level is decent.

You may also look at MRF ZV2K. These tyres are also very durable and offer good performance and comfort. 

If tyre durability is your priority then go for Goodyear Assurance Duraplus, but for over-all better performance, MRF ZV2K would be a better option.

Also, you might consider using tyre sealant in new tyres. This is a cost effective solution that protects tyres from punctures. These are pretty easy to find in the market, are very reasonably priced and very effective.


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